Pablo Paredes's Response to Smash

I thought Pablo the deserter would turn out a pseudo-intelletual lefty.  Well, an English major he is not. 

The qualification process for doing most of my duties is over 6 months (the length of the deployment)and so i [sic] would of [sic] mainly been training and get[t]ing qualified, which in some ways is more of a burden than assistance. It is also likely that my early out chit would have been approved after the deployment . . .

Is it "would of" or "would have," Pablo?  Actually, he used "would of" at least twice, so I guess he's sticking with option A. 

Read this self-serving bastard's idiotic response to Smash, and Smash's glorious rebuttal.

Thanks to Dean. 

Backcountry Conservative provides a link to another Pablo response.  While this guy lacks the time and spine to fulfill his obligation to his country, he sure has plenty of time for blogging.