Zarqawi: Sooner than Later

Yes, this is too easy with the headlines that US and Iraqi troops have just missed him two or three times in the past two weeks.  But I have a soft stop for gut things, and George Bush is on a roll.

  • First, Condi and Gonzalez have been confirmed. 
  • The stock market continues to improve.
  • The State of the Union address was the best he's given so far.
  • The Iraqi elections were an overwhelming success.
  • Afghanistan is a democracy.
  • Social Security reform seems probable as the Democrat demogoguery has eased since last night.
  • Saddam's trial will begin soon.

You put all of these things together and they add up to a winning streak for the POTUS.  Zarqawi will fall soon. 

Bin Laden, though, seems to be another story.  I suspect he is safe so long as he stays in Pakistan.