Another Anniversary

Two years ago this coming Tuesday, I met a girl for a drink at the Fox and Hounds at Cheshire Inn in St. Louis.  She'd contacted me through about two weeks earlier.  I watched her cross Clayton Road.  She moved like a dream--beautiful, graceful, certain.  We talked for over 3 hours.  I sang all the way home--40 minutes.  I sang Sinatra and Lenny Kravitz. 

We went out on Valentine's Day, one week later.  On that, most pressure-packed of date nights for men, Angela put me so at ease.  We had a wonderful, romantic dinner, then bar hopped  in Soulard and Downtown. 

By April, 2003, I was completely head over heels. 

Now, we're married, and I never dreamed I could be so happy because of another person.  But Angela seems to be a personal messenger sent by God to let me know that the universe can produce wonderful, wonderful things.