Journalist Union Plans Blog Protest

St. Louis, Missouri--The International Federation of Journalists, a union representing more than half a million journalists world wide, today announced plans to protest Blogs--online journals on the World Wide Web.

"Unprofessional armchair writers who call themselves journalists have destroyed numerous careers and the lives of respected members of our organization. It's time we stopped this dangerous trend toward information run amock," says Arnold Amber of the Newspaper Guild of Canada.

In a written statement, union president Chris Warren says, "Dan Rather and Eason Jordan had their lives turned inside out by probing, nosey, busybodies who have no more qualifications to write than a computer and broadband internet access.  We don't let just anyone perform brain surgery, do we?  Then we must not let just anyone write news stories.  The news is far to important to be left to the people."

The protest, originally scheduled for February 14, has been postponed until the union can find a place to protest.  "Well, we don't really know where to go," Amber said.  "These guerillas don't have a home base, so to speak.  We're thinking of holding the protest in Key West, Florida, since the weather's nice and broadband internet access is available, making it a possible haven for so called citizen-journalists."

Bloggers, busy at their day jobs, could not be reached for comment. 

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UPDATE:  Letter to NYT from Jeff Jarvis, thanks to Dean Esmay