Paul Mirecki Suing KU (Video)

MireckiHere's the video from KUID TV 6 in Kansas. Mirecki refused to be interviewed on camera, but did grant an off-camera interview in which he claims his black eye is "my battle scar in my war against the religious right."

Meanwhile, Douglas County Sheriff's office has seized Mirecki's car and computer as part of its investigation into Mirecki's alleged beating. Says Mirecki, "I'm being treated more like a criminal than a victim."

If Mirecki was forced to resign, why did his letter sound so conciliatory? Also, why didn't he hire the lawyer and fight the resignation instead of complying with KU's demands? The longer this story goes, the more improbable Mirecki's claims seem. My guess is that his wife, Amy Beecher-Mirecki, a public relations consultant at KU, is the the best source to get to the truth of the matter.

For its part, the sheriff's office is keeping quiet about the investigation. A spokesperson for the department said they do not yet have enough information to make a statement on the veracity of Mirecki's claim.

Both the sheriff’s office and the chancellor seem to contradict Mirecki’s take on things.  First, the sheriff:

“Until we are provided with a document from Mr. Mirecki, we are not able to comment on it. Our agency continues to thoroughly investigate this crime against Mr. Mirecki,” Wempe said.

Sounds like the sheriff’s office, at least officially, is still treating Mirecki as the victim.

Hemenway said he had been told by other administrators that Mirecki stepped down from his chairman’s post. He said KU has supported Mirecki.

“Professor Mirecki still has a job at the University of Kansas,” Hemenway said. “That would appear to be support for his rights to his tenured position and his rights to free speech ... The university deplores the fact that he was apparently attacked. We’ve said so.”

If KU’s administration has long knives for the prof, wouldn’t they be holding the door open for him to leave the university altogether?  On the other hand, notice that Hemenway hedged on the alleged beating, saying “The university deplores the fact that he was apparently attacked [emphasis mine].” 

Michelle Malkin has more, including the text of the lawyer story. And Michelle links us to Mike Adams of who attempted to interview Professor Mirecki.

UPDATE: Nosing around Technorati, I've noticed a shift in the numbers. On Wednesday, more than half (about 70%) of the first page blog entries were from lefties demanding retribution on the fundies. As Mirecki's story loses credibility, the shift is on--more than half of the front page links now doubt Mirecki's beating story. For instance: Foyle at Verum Serum says, " sounds to me like the police are as suspicous of his story as I am. I don’t blame them."

Bill Quick on Daily Pundit says, "I think th is guy is a bit of a jerk, and of course I have some suspicions about his rather convenient 'beating.'"

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