Safari for Windows Beta

Many of you know that I'm a big-time Microsoft guy. Still, I have to keep my eye on the competition. Tonight I decided to try Apple's Safari for Windows. It's a beta version, but it's about the 3rd beta.

I have to admit, it's impressive.

The Clear Text is a little easier to read than IE7 and miles more readable than FireFox. Performance is excellent. The look, though, is fantastic. Nothing on the screeen that you don't need--unless you want it.

I know some people like crowding out the content people like me create. They want weather, shopping, bookmarks, history for the past 7 years of browsing, and fudge recipes encircling the meat of their browser. But I like lean. Safari is lean.

I can't endorse a non-Microsoft tool, but if you're curious about Safari on Windows, the beta is worth a test-drive.

**UPDATE** AmerenUE, the electric utility company that flooded a state park by breaking its own resevoir and left tens of thousands without power after a thunderstorm managed to drop my and 1,600 other customers' power last night at 10:36. By 1:00 a.m., I was awakened by rising pool of sweat in my bed. The power's back on, now, but I'm wide awake. The more I use Safari, the more I like. This could give IE a run for its money, and it really threatens Firefox by offering a high-quality alternative to IE.