The Thompson Hit

Just as Fred Thompson's campaign started to take off, a loose conspiracy of MSM and bloggers seems determined to bring him down. As I blogged last night, a single rumor on Control Congress, which seemed implausible, turned into a major story today--the day of the Iowa Cauci.

Apparently, the anti-Thompson forces were spooked by his surge in the polls in Iowa and decided to employ one of the dirtiest tricks in politics:  the withdrawal rumor.  Issued at the right moment--early enough to reach voters, too late for effective denial--the rumor that Candidate X is about drop out of a race can be devastating.

Today's barrage began (for me) with The Wall Street Journal:

As a noncandidate, Fred Thompson could command the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to deliver his political message. Now, the would-be savior of the conservative coalition can barely get coverage from the Des Moines Register.

WSJ could have saved a lot of space by simply admonishing voters, "Don't bother wasting your vote on Fred."   Bastards.

Then, Michelle Malkin aimed her own talented pen point at the Thompson balloon, advancing the withdrawal rumor I blogged about last night, linking to Politico and Hot Air stories, and quoting Joe Carter, a Huckster, who cashed in any conservative credentials he might have had to campaign for Huey Long II:

The FredHeads didn’t see it that way, of course. In their view Fred should be able to just skip this whole election nonsense and go directly to the coronation ceremony. Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Most of us want a President who doesn’t think its “pandering” to actually care what we think.

Kiss my ass, Joe.

Until yesterday, I supported Fred because he's the best man for the job.  Today, it's personal.  I pray that Thompson shocks the world just to shove a political sock in Joe Carter's mouth.

I must say I am mystified by Michelle Malkin.  Did she not realize that she fired at Thompson with ammo supplied by the Huckabee campaign?  I mean, she didn't have even try to qualify Joe Carter's spiteful rant.  What give, Michelle?