Gunfight At the Not-OK Corral

Clinton Inc. will do whatever (it thinks) it takes to secure the Democrat nomination for president.

The news of the past two days has been Obama's plagiarism of Hillaryspeak.  As if Obama is incapable of formulating pandering drivel on his own.   From WaPo:

Yesterday, key Clinton supporters accused Obama of "lifting" a passage of the rousing speech he delivered to a party gathering in Milwaukee on Saturday night from Massachusetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick, a longtime friend and supporter.

Captain Ed notes that the Clintons are make much over nothing.

Put simply, it's nonsense. It is, however, an indication of how desperate Hillary has become to derail Obama.

It' more than desperation; it's personal.  Clinton Inc. can't stand the thought of losing. A loss in the primaries would be the end of that tragic legacy, a repudiation of the most corrupt administration since Johnson.  And the Little Rock mafia won't stand for such.

Hillary is counting heavily on the Super Delegates, many of whom, no doubt, will vote for Clinton at the convention to avoid embarrassing disclosures.  (The Clintons have everyone's FBI record, remember?)

This should add up to quite an entertaining convention.  And that could be bad news for McCain.