Dems To Hold Secret Roll Call

The party of lies, deceit, class hatred, race hatred, and Jimmy Carter will break with tradition by holding its convention roll call vote behind closed doors at a hotel on Wednesday morning.

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton are furiously circulating petitions on the floor of the Democratic National Convention tonight, hoping to stave off a plan to hold the convention's roll call at breakfast Wednesday — out of the public eye — sources inside the delegations say.

The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton's suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said. [Denver Post]

No wonder these people thought the KGB was so cool. Never bigger flock of phonies in one city at one time in history.