Mumbai Massacre Real-time on Twitter *UPDATES*

Vietnam was the first televised war.  Film from the morning was flown one-stop to California allowing Americans to witness action within 24 hours of its occurrence.

The Gulf War upped the ante with live, streaming video, 24 hours a day on CNN.

September 11 and the liberation of Iraq came with live blogging from people feet from the action.

But reading text messages on Twitter from people on the streets of Mumbai as events unfold is truly bizarre.  The interaction between people in Mississippi and citizen journalists on the streets of Mumbai provides a level of personalization unimaginable only 3 years ago.

Look at this, all from within the last 60 seconds:

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UPDATE:  ND&P Blog reports on a CNN report on Twitter's impact.

There are reports on Twitter that terrorists are waving white flag, but Indian commandos (NSG) fighting on.   Fight on, brave soldiers, fight on.  Give no quarters.  Take no prisoners. 

A new website dedicated to reporting on the events [click].  Hat tip drishtikone.

Fresh photos on Flicker.

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