Gloriously Goring Gore

The Huffington Post (of all things) brings us a most cogent, concise, and accurate repudiation of Al Gore and the whole "climate change" Nazi crowd (h/t ICECAP).  Harold Ambler deserves the Nobel Prize for truth stating.  Some highlights.

Strike One:  How Al Gore (and Hansen and the rest) lie to you about climate change:

First, the expression "climate change" itself is a redundancy, and contains a lie. Climate has always changed, and always will. There has been no stable period of climate during the Holocene, our own climatic era, which began with the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago.

Strike Two:  How Al Gore (and Hansen and the rest) thwart discussion by pre-emptive name-calling:

Mr. Gore has gone so far to discourage debate on climate as to refer to those who question his simplistic view of the atmosphere as "flat-Earthers." This, too, is right on target, except for one tiny detail. It is exactly the opposite of the truth.

Strike Three:  How Al Gore (and Hansen and the rest) get their basic math and science wrong--in a way that a 5th grader can see:

Meanwhile, the theory that carbon dioxide "drives" climate in any meaningful way is simply wrong and, again, evidence of a "flat-Earth" mentality. Carbon dioxide cannot absorb an unlimited amount of infrared radiation. Why not? Because it only absorbs heat along limited bandwidths, and is already absorbing just about everything it can.

Strike Four:  (Yeah, I'm over the limit--so is Gore)  How Al Gore (and Hansen and the rest) lie and lie again about the basic "science" of global warming:

This mechanism has never been shown to exist. Indeed, increased temperature leads to increased evaporation of the oceans, which leads to increased cloud cover (one cooling effect) and increased precipitation (a bigger cooling effect).

The Reality of Climate Change

In one highly readable article, Ambler covers all of the major errors, lies, and outright frauds committed by Al Gore and the whole AGW world.  What Ambler doesn't cover is this: 

Why do so many ordinary folk with no skin in this game buy into Gore's and Hansen's fraud?

Most people in North America are really, really ignorant when it comes to the intersection of politics and science.  People tend to scrutinize a politician's stand on defense, finance, etc., but they seem to trust whatever a politician says about things like global warming.   Since conservatives, for the most part, refuse to discuss global warming (including most conservative bloggers) our of fear of official reprisals, the public hears only one side of the debate.  Until some Republican or conservative blogger has the courage to say, "Al Gore and James Hansen lie to you every day about global warming in order to steal money and power from you," people will buy the Gore-Hansen lie.

Easily Debunked

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is as easily debunked as Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme.  The purveyors of Carbon Trading are just as guilty of fraud as Bernie Madoff.  When you see that Gore and Paulson stand to make billions of dollars (just like Madoff) from convincing you that AGW is real and based on science, you'll see that you are being ripped off. 

Please read Ambler's article and begin to see the truth.