St. Louis County Votes

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6, is Election Day in St. Louis County.  In some places, especially throughout South County, the only measure on the ballot is Proposition A: a sales tax increase.

Prop A’s backers—principally County Exec Charlie Dooley and Chesterfield Mayor John Nations—claim this tax increase of up to $650 per family will allow Metro to grow. You know otherwise.

  • Dooley and Nations cannot point to a specific plan.  They point to four. 
  • They cannot tell you how much any of the four plans costs.  They tell you, “a lot more than we’ve got.” 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will cover the cost of expansion. It will not. 
  • They cannot tell you Proposition A won’t pay for the sins of the past. It will. 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will be enough to run Metro for five years without another tax increase.  It won’t. 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will make lives of the poor and disabled better.  It won’t
  • Dooley and Nations cannot give you one positive reason to raise your taxes. They can only give excuses.

In short, Proposition A is just another progressive strategy for taking your money and giving it to politicians to spent.

Vote No on Proposition A on Tuesday, April 6. No excuses.