Public Policy Polling

I realize that most people aren't reading political insider blogs at 4:30 in the morning. But something in this story bothers me:

But there's also one big reason why the Democrats may just pull it out- and why Republicans may not have as big an election year as we're anticipating. And that's because only 26% of voters in the district have a favorable opinion of Congressional Republicans, with 56% seeing them unfavorably. Voters there aren't real happy with the Democrats, but the Republican Party hasn't provided much of an alternative either . . .

Public Policy Polling.

The Republicans have been the minority party in Congress since 2007. Granted, they went berserk from about 2003 until the voters relegated them to the back benches in 2006. The Republicans did a lot to earn that demotion.

But the people running in 2010 are not the same people we fired 2006 and 2008.  Republicans spent irresponsibly the last few years that they ran Congress, but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid make Tom Delay and Bob Bennett look like skinflints. Let's look at the actual numbers.

Budget Deficits

The gray lines on the left, except for the last one, belong to Republican Congresses--the deficits and the surpluses.  The 2008 gray and all the red belong to Pelosi and Reid. The trillions and trillions in the future belong to Barack Obama.  Well, the responsibility belongs to Obama; your kids will get stuck with the bill.

You can blame Republicans for a lot of things, but they have not controlled Congress since 2006. A House full of people like Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Todd Akin, and Thaddeus McCotter would make a lot of Americans happy.  And that's why I joined Ensuring Liberty.