Nightmarish Carnival of Democrat Mayhem Continues

Congressional Democrats plan to hold a special session in August to pass yet another $26 billion bailout for states.  Specifically for states that have create welfare empires they can no longer sustain.

So responsible states now have to pay for irresponsible states at the point of a federal gun.

It looks like the Democrats want to completely bankrupt America before they lose power in January.

Of course, this also gives empty suits like Russ Carnahan an excuse not to debate their opponents, talk to constituents, or hold town halls. 

Idiot Republicans like Bob McConnell of Virginia don’t help the matter.  Bob’s hand is out, big time.  Virginia has a bloated, expensive education system as complex as ObamaCare, and Virginia wants responsible states to bail them out.

McConnell’s all for fiscal responsibility—right after his state gets some Missouri money.  He told CNN “the federal government is running out of money.”  WRONG!  The federal government IS out of money.  It’s BEEN out of money. It will REMAIN out of money until we STOP BORROWING!