Don't Make These Simple Mistakes About Debt

Our present crisis is  the result of:

  • Too much borrowing
  • Too much spending
  • Too much government control
  • Too much taxing

Those who argue that America needs to borrow, spend, regulate, and tax more are simply wrong, wrong, wrong.  Their argument is absurd  on its face.

The way to increase revenue to government is to increase the economic activity of the people.  You do that by giving the people maximum control over their destinies.  They will pursue their dreams. In the process, they will fund a responsible and constrained government.

When the government borrows money, it determines for you how you will spend your future earnings.  That, too, is wrong.  Morally wrong.  Make them stop.

Write and tweet your senator and representative today.  Tell them "Stop spending my future. Balance the budget. #tcot"

NOTE:  Welcome to  Nice Deb, whom I met at Smart Girl Summit this weekend.  Please read her blog every day.