It’s All Your Fault

Straight up:  We can’t tell you now where future After Parties will be.  We can’t name the venue.  And it’s all your fault! Well, not all.  some if it’s my fault, but in a very innocent way.

Planning The After Party

Eisenhower said that planning is essential, but plans are useless.  He was right.

When we were planning The After Party, we figured about 50, maybe 75,  people would attend at each one.  We based this on a few factors, including some surveying of interest and attendance as last year’s Thursday Night Throwdowns.

We were wrong, if by “We” you mean “Bill.”

Yes, I was wrong.  Others warned, but I didn’t listen.

I’m happy to say I screwed up, though.

What Happened?

Well, over 100 people showed up.  And more will show up on October 20.  And more after that.

So our plan of rotating through great St. Louis restaurants is all shot to hell. Most restaurants can’t accommodate groups our size.

Plus, we can’t afford to rent a hall big enough for all of us, unless some angel comes through with an After Party grant to help us continue our mission (hint).

So Michelle Moore and others are busily at work trying to find a solution.  We’ll need space for more than 100 in October and November, and more than that in future months.

If you can help with a donation, please click below.  If you can help with venues, please send an email to using the subject line: After Party Venues. (You must use After Party Venues in the subject line, or it won’t get to the people who need it.)

Bottom Line

You overwhelmed the system, you Cloward-Piven wannabes,  with your desire to fix America.  You are champions.  You are heroes.  Society owes you a big thank you.  On behalf of that grateful nation, let me be the first to say Thank You for accepting the challenge of a generation.  Again.





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