Get Tea Party Calls--For Free!

I hear about it all the time.  People are frustrated with me. With St. Louis Tea Party. They're frustrated because they hear about our events after the events.

That's no good. We want people at the events. That's what makes them events.

What you asked for was some way to get a phone call about upcoming events.  

That's not unreasonable.  The question is, how are we going to pay for it?  Commercial outbound calling systems charge by the number of people to call. Potentially, we could be calling hundreds.  Or more, if we're lucky.

Plus, I needed people to be able to register for the service themselves.

So I developed an application.  Here's how it works:

From the phone on which you want to receive calls, call 636-352-1385.  When prompted, hit 2 to register for the phone tree.  When prompted again, hit 7 to confirm your registration.

The next time we have an event, including The After Party, we'll call you to let you know about it.

This is a great application for people who don't use the internet.

But it's also a great reminder system for everyone.  You know how many times I've forgotten about events I wanted to attend? As crowded as our lives have become, sometimes a phone call reminder is the most valuable gift we can receive.

I hope a lot of people get value out of the system. I plan to develop it further for other groups, campaigns, and even small businesses and families.

If you'd like to give it a try, just call 636-352-1385.  

If you don't want to receive calls, just press 1 to hear about the next After Party.