And the Battle Rages

Sometimes the right path is the easy path.  Then the alarm goes off, and we get up to face the world.

When we first met in February 2009, we set ourselves on a course. We dedicated ourselves to, in Buckley’s words, stand athwart history, yelling “STOP!”

But we promised ourselves and the world even more.  We committed to reversing the neglect and abuse that’s stained our liberty for more than half a century.

And we will advance.

We’ve battled through healthcare reform, the 2010 election, and the budget and debt battles of 2011. 

We are three-quarters of the way home.  And we are still advancing.

In action movies, it’s about this point when you think hope is lost.  The secret weapon falls into the wrong hands.  An opponent thought vanquished re-emerges. The good guys have nowhere to turn.

But we know how the movie ends, don’t we?  The bloodied and bruised heroes pull together.  The villain makes a mistake.  Good triumphs. Wounded, perhaps, but victorious.

On November 7, 2012, we will hoist the flag of liberty over this republic once again.  Every person—every single human—who’s so much as tweeted, “God bless America” for this cause will share in that triumph.

This is your moment to shine, patriots.  This is your moment.

Thank you, in advance, for answering the call.

I’ll see you on the 15th.