You’re Almost Out of Time

There will be only one 3rd Anniversary Tea Party, and it will be this coming Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25.  Today’s Wednesday.  You have two days. Order today, because the future needs you.

This could be the only chance you get to learn about how the brain votes, how social media can change the outcome, how you can influence casual voters with minimal effort, how to caucus, and how 7 obscure events changed American history. 

If you’ve never heard Bill Federer speak—the knowledge and the passion—this is your chance to hear one the area’s most dynamic speakers.  Bill’s lunchtime keynote will help overcome the apathy.

If you don’t show up, though, whose fault will be if you learn that the guy in the cube next to yours would have voted for your candidate . . . if only someone had asked him the right way?