Overnight in Ferguson: "A remarkable amount of gunfire out there"

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told reporters "there was a remarkable amount of gunfire out there," describing the scene on W. Florissant last night. A shooter confronted plain-clothes officers and opened fire. Officers returned fire, striking the suspect. The suspect is in critical, unstable condition in a local hospital. One officer was treated, but the severity and cause of his injury is unknown.

The shooting and at least one break-in of a business marred what had been peaceful commemorations of the death of Michael Brown.

Here's video of the initial shooting:



Several stores were robbed earlier in the evening. Fox2News reported that 911 Hair Salon was one of the shops, but I've since learned that report may have been incorrect. According to Twitter, St. Louis Alderman Antonio French stationed himself in front of 911 Hair Salon.

Check back for updates.

Where I'm Kicking Off My Ferguson BUYcott Saturday

At 1:00 PM, I'll be at  911 Beauty Salon: 9193 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO 63136, Cross Streets: Between Ferguson Ave and Canfield Dr. Let us know your story here. Upload photos, reciepts, and stories. People love stories. You are welcome to join me there at 1:00, or shop and dine on your own.


This Ferguson BUYcott is getting massive national attention. Big thanks to everyone who took part last week and who's joining in this week.

IN the past three days, I've seen four different people tear up when I told them what we did.

When Jack Buck died, I heard a dozen people say about him, "he did great acts of kindness for people who couldn't do a thing for him." That life lesson from one of my heroes stuck with me. But I never really knew how to live it. I was under the delusion that helping people who can't help you only works for famous people. Just about everybody can do less for the famous than the famous can do for them.

But this Ferguson BUYcott showed me how I CAN help people who probably can't return the favor anytime soon.

When you shop or dine in Ferguson, you're helping the entire community. But what feels good is helping the person right in front of you.

1:00 Saturday at 9193 W. Florissant Ave. That's where I'll be. Hope to see you there.

Please shop in groups of 6 or fewer. Don't be afraid to say you're with St. Louis Tea Party and you're there to shop. Don't buy the last of an item, because someone in the neighborhood might need it.

And smile. A smile can save a life.