It's a Beautiful Spring Day, And Dellena Struggles to Stay In Business

We met Dellena Jones during our first Ferguson BUYcott in August. Since then, St. Louis Tea Partier, Dottie Bailey, has made it her mission to help Dellena's business survive and flourish.

Dellena's business has fallen 60 percent since the first riots. She's repaired the damage to her salon, but business is slow.

Despite all her challenges, Dellena still found the time and energy to host Center for Self-Governance training in her shop on a Saturday, foregoing that day's revenue to learn about freedom and responsibility.

This GoFundMe project won't clean up the debris around her shop, but it will help her survive until the area gets cleaned up.

We have a goal of raising $20,000 for Dellena, but we need your help.

Here's what you can do today.

Pledge $1 for every goal the Blues score in their playoff series with Minnesota.

Pledge $10 for every Blues win.

Pledge $2 for every Cardinal run scored in the next week.

Post this link to Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the 911 Hair Salon on W. Florissant in Ferguson -- and buy something.

Donate what you can today.

The flip-side of Liberty is Responsibility, and we all need a mission in life that's bigger than ourselves. Just $1 for Dellena Jones will let you say, "I did something."

If you believe in small business, in recovery, and in free enterprise, why not help this woman keep her dream of independence through hard work alive?

Free Tickets For Heritage Action Skills Clinic Thursday **Only 20 Tix Left!**

Ben Evans of Heritage Action has free tickets for his Activist Skills Training.

There are still tickets available to the Skills Clinic on Thursday, February 27:

Holding Congress accountable can be tough work. Whether you are new to the fight or a seasoned activist, the Heritage Action Skills Clinic will help you better engage Congress, so your voice can be heard.  Join fellow liberty-minded, conservatives for this FREE training as we provide the tools to take meaningful action. Where:

Great Rivers Saloon

7529 Michigan Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63111

When: Thursday, February 27

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Registration starts at 6:00pm


-How to Use the Heritage Action Scorecard

-Introduction to the Sentinel Program

-Social Media Bootcamp including Twitter 101

Register Today for this FREE training and meet your Regional Coordinators, Ben Evans or Wade Miller, and other local conservatives in your community.

Elections are crucial, but the time between elections are when we must hold Congress accountable to the principles we hold dear.  Learn how to engage your elected officials in the most effective manner, and about the tools you will need to build those relationships.  It is never to late to hold Congress accountable!


Ben Evans

There’s no After Party this month so people are free to attend this important session.

Hurry. Tickets are limited and going fast.


Missouri Statewide Right to Work Meeting Wednesday January 8

Use your snow day to join the opening of the Missouri General Assembly

Speaker of the House Tim Jones • Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

Representative Eric Burlison and Senator Ed Emery * State Capitol in the beautiful House Lounge next to room 308 201 W. Capitol Ave. Jefferson City, MO

Wednesday, January 8th at 10am (be early) Questions? Mary Hill mmdacushill@gmail.Missouri Statewide Right to Work Meeting

Afterwards in Hearing room 7 starting at noon!

Voter ID and Election Integrity Shane Schoeller MOGOP Executive Director

Common Core Stacy Shore Concerned Women of America

Basic Social Media & Beyond Linda Ragsdale Former Chair and National Committeewoman Young Republicans

All the First day of Session at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City Everyone on our side of the aisle is invited!!

How to Regain Control Over Government

"There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a gun over there A-tellin' me I got to beware." --The Buffalo Springfield, For What It's Worth

Strange Days Indeed

Something weird's going on when I find myself agreeing with Carl Bernstein. But fighting for freedom makes strange bedfellows.

Carl Bernstein was a reporter with the Washington Post in the 1970s. With Bob Woodward, Bernstein brought down President Nixon. Since then, he's become something of a roving crusader for the press.

Alan Rusbridger edits The Guardian, the UK newspaper to which NSA technician Edward Snowden leaked volumes of classified information that implicates the National Security Agency in illegal spying on American citizens.

Alan Rusbridger has been called before the British House of Commons as the US and UK governments apply arbitrary power to quash the Snowden documents.

Doing Good Has Its Consequences

For the record, I am grateful to Mr. Snowden for exposing government crimes, but I acknowledge that, in doing so, Snowden broke the law. He is paying the price for his crimes, even if he hasn't been arrested, tried, or convicted. Snowden lives in exile in Russia.

Those who say Snowden should escape punishment for breaking the law miss an important point. Actions have consequences. I'm pretty sure I lack the courage to suffer as Snowden has. But the suffering we do for our beliefs is what makes our actions noble. If our actions have no consequences, there is no great honor in doing right.

So, while I thank Mr. Snowden for uncovering the abuses and crimes of the NSA, I expect that he'll be punished for his actions. Someday, we'll get around to changing the law to protect such action. Those who break unjust laws in the meantime will suffer the consequences.

Back to Bernstein

Mr. Berstein published an open letter to Mr. Rusbridger in The Guardian. The letter commends Rusbridger and The Guardian for their handling of the Snowden documents and condemns the US and UK governments for using untoward intimidation to cow and subordinate the press.

[Y]our appearance before the Commons today strikes me as something quite different in purpose and dangerously pernicious: an attempt by the highest UK authorities to shift the issue from government policies and excessive government secrecy in the United States and Great Britain to the conduct of the press – which has been quite admirable and responsible in the case of the Guardian, particularly, and the way it has handled information initially provided by Mr Snowden.

Do you see the danger here?

The government spied on free citizens without a warrant, as required by law. When the press exposed these government crimes, the government used its power to intimidate and subdue the press. The British government arrested a reporter's partner to demonstrate its unquestionable authority to dictate what we write and what we read and what we say.

The NSA abuse is no different from the IRS abuse of conservative groups. And both demonstrate what happens when free people allow a government to exercise powers that the people have not delegated.

Mr. Berstein goes on:

As we have learned following the recent disclosures initiated by Mr Snowden, intelligence agencies – especially the NSA in the United States – have assiduously tried to avoid and get around such oversight, been deliberately unforthcoming and oftentimes disingenuous with even the highest government authorities that are supposed to supervise their activities and prevent abuse.

We let this happen. We let the NSA and the IRS exercise power in violation of the law that limits government powers. That's our fault. We can't really blame the abusers when we, the police, turned a blind eye to their abuses for decades. Some people even encourage the government to abuse its citizens and break the law.

What We Can Do Is Learn Self-Governance

We can chop government down to size, but we can't do with the tools we've been using. It's time for new tools.

Last fall, I completed Level One training from the Center for Self-Governance. The training and its results are so impressive, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition is repeating Level One training on January 11, 2014, at The Pillar in Ellisville, MO.

If you've been to Level One, we'll be holding Level Two training at the same time and location.

You can register at The Center for Self-Governance. Here are the links:

Level One, January 11, 2014, Ellisville, MO Level Two, January 11, 2014, Ellisville, MO

This training has produced amazing results all over the United States. Learn how to supervise and control your government, from school boards to Congress. It's worth the investment of a few days and few dollars. And beats the daylights of complaining.

Why Self-governance Training Is the Most Important Training You’ll Ever Receive

I just finished Level 1 Training with the Center for Self-Governance. While I have a long way to go to complete the training, I can tell you I needed this. Bad.

What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

It’s not that I was stupid before. And some of the political action I’ve been doing my whole adult life was affective, I learned.

The problem is, I didn’t know whether or not it was effective. And I was incredibly inefficient. And I did far more work than I needed to for a given result. And I missed lots of opportunities to have far more influence on legislation than I thought.

I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. Before Level 1 training I had no idea how ignorant I was.

How Many of These Questions Can You Answer?

  1. What’s your school board’s election cycle?
  2. When does your county council meet?
  3. How often does your city council meet?
  4. Does a bill “die” at the end of a legislation session in Missouri?
  5. How many state senators does Missouri have?
  6. Who is your county council member?
  7. Does the St. Louis County Council change all at once, or are elections for the seats staggered like the US Senate?
  8. Who is your State Rep and when is he or she termed out?
  9. What elections are scheduled for 2014 in Missouri?
  10. What happened to 15,000 Witness forms filed by Missourians last week?

I was able to answer a lot of these questions. But not all. Not half. And there are lot of other important questions we should all be able to answer. Like “how many votes does it take to win the state rep race in your district?”  And “what’s the voter turnout for April elections in your county?”

Playing Whack-a-Mole with Government-Driven Issues Ain’t Working

We’re losing ground. In Missouri, in the US. We’re all worse off than we were two, four, eight, 30 years ago. You know it in your heart.

We take pride in little victories. Block some tax increase here, slowing Blue Ways there. But we’re losing ground, not gaining. We’re on the defensive. Maybe we're not dying as fast as we could, but we’re not advancing. Which means, eventually, we will lose.

Unless we do something different.

Think about it. When was the last time you felt in control of the agenda? When was the last time a House Rep called you to find out what you’d like the General Assembly to work on next session?

Well, they call Brian Bollmann. People like Brian who’ve completed Level 5 training from the Center for Self-governance get calls from school boards, city and county councils, state reps and senators, and members of the US Congress.

Level 5 teams have reversed the relationship of government to people. They’ve trained their politicians to obey them instead of the other way around.

Brian and the Cape Tea Party did it by paying more attention to skills, tactics, and strategies and less attention to the issues the government and the press has trained us to react to.

Get Your Training Now

I am going to complete Level 5 training. That'll require 40 hours of my time, plus about $180 over seven months. But it's more than worth it. I've wasted more time and money on ineffective solutions to America's power distribution problem in the past month alone. I’m now part of a team, along with the other 22 people who attended Level 1 training hosted by St. Louis Tea Party Coalition yesterday.

If you missed the Level 1 training, go to Center for Self-governance’s class schedule and sign up now.  There’s a level 1 class coming up in Quincy, Illinois.  You’ll have to travel, but so what? We’ve travelled for rallies to Quincy without batting an eye, and this training will do far more to change the course of history than any rally every did or ever will.

Don’t believe me?

A millions people marched on Washington on September 12, 2009, to block Obamacare. Did it block Obamacare?

No. It didn’t. And claiming it did makes you and America weaker. It’s denial. It’s deflating. It’s pacifying and it encourages people to keep trying the same failed tactics that didn’t work.

Meanwhile in Memphis, TN, an African-America, hard-left Democrat is working with the local Tea Party to advance pro-liberty and fiscally responsible legislation in city hall.  Why? Because of the relationship local Tea Partiers developed after committing to self-governance instead of yelling in a park.

Get Level 1 Training Before September 21 when St. Louis Tea Party will host Level 2 training.

Center for Self-governance


Now watch this:

This. Not That.

Please share this. You’ll look good.

About the Real Conservative National Committee

The Real Conservatives National Committee is a political action committee organized under Section 527 of the IRS Code. We only endorse and support conservative Republican candidates. We do not support third party candidates. We will operate as an independent expenditure SUPER PAC as defined by the Federal Election Commission.

Our mission is to help conservative candidates win Republican primary elections against incumbent RINOs, and help conservative Republicans win general elections against Democrats. We may also endorse Republican candidates nominated by the party to run in the general election.

Our proven method is to use robust database systems that integrate cutting edge analytics with well organized and highly motivated grassroots activists who are skilled in person-to-person communications on the doorstep and are well trained in get-out-the-vote operations.

Co-founders Lorie Medina and Michael Patrick Leahy serve as Chairman and President, respectively, of The Real Conservatives National Committee. Both have been activists in the Tea Party movement since its inception in February, 2009.

The Real Conservatives National Committee is also launching a ground game offensive on June 15, 2013, all across America:

We will do so by first removing the political consultant class from the process of selecting and managing conservative candidates. We will replace them with a new political infrastructure powered with low cost, state-of-the-art, voter contact technologies that draws its manpower from the largely volunteer conservative grassroots army that has sprung to life over the past four years and is now awaiting a path to victory.

Check out their website for more.

Today Is National Stomp On Marx Day

Join the fun and Stomp On Marx! boot-marx

Stomping on things is all the rage on some college campuses. But the kids are missing out on the real fun.

Here’s an exercise I highly recommend for teachers of kids age 14 and up.

Stomp On Marx!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Download and print this picture of the father of communism, Karl Marx. (click for larger image)


2. Ask each student to stand and stare at the image for 30 seconds.

3. Ask the student to place the image on the floor in front of him or her, face up.

4. Ask the student to Stomp On Marx—right in the middle of his face.

Remember, print only ONE copy of the picture and make all the kids share it . . . because Marx would have wanted it that way.

After the last student is done, ask the class to write a short paragraph describing the experience. Then give everybody an A no matter how half-assed or idiotic the paragraphs were.

Better yet, assign legitimate grades for the writing quality, the honesty, and the thoughtfulness of each paragraph. Write the letter grade on a Post-It Note for each paragraph and stick it to the paper. Then instruct all the students who received an A to trade their grade with a student who got an F. Bs switch with Ds.  Cs get to keep their mediocre, “showed no effort” grades.

Hang the short essays on the wall outside the class. Hang the mutilated image of Karl Marx above the essays.

Finally, update your resume, because you’re about to embark on a new career.

ACTION: You Can Save the 2nd Amendment in Missouri *UPDATE* Senate Committee Approves the Bill

A lot of activity on the 2nd Amendment front. 2nd Amendment

First, the Missouri Senate subpoenaed the Department of Revenue. This story tells you why.

Second, I just received this urgent request for support from Ron Calzone:

March 26, 2013


Missouri Senate senator Kurt Schaefer is on a roll...

This evening (Tuesday) his amendment strengthening our right to keep and bear arms (SJR 14) was "perfected" by the entire senate.  That's the first round of approval by the whole Senate.

The perfection vote came after about 5 hours of lone filibuster by Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

It's interesting to note that most of her fellow Democrats are coming down on the side of respecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

Another vote is needed by the entire Senate before this SJR is passed on to the House for the vote.  Once the House approves it, it will go on the ballot for the People to vote on -- it skips the Governor.

YOUR HELP NEEDED WEDNESDAY (I know this is short notice...)

Also finally moving in the Senate is Sen. Brian Nieves' SB 325 -- recall that this is the "complete solution" bill that makes the regulation of guns totally a state matter, getting the federal government out of the way.

Wednesday at 2:30, Nieves' General Laws Committee will meet in the Pershing Gallery, next to the Senate Chamber, to vote on bills they want to advance to the entire Senate.  Your presence at that meeting will be good encouragement and support for them to make SB 325 a priority.

Also Wednesday, we needs some teams of 3 or 4 people to canvas House members, asking them to hang the "I support the Second Amendment Preservation Act" posters.  We want these posters all over the Capitol!

If you can help with that, email me or text me [number redacted].

We will start about 9:00 am, but you can still help later in the day.

For Liberty,

- Ron

Folks, I can't make it to Jefferson City tomorrow, but I'd be much obliged if someone would go on my behalf.

If you do go, don't forget to check in on Foursquare and Facebook and tweet about your efforts. Tell the world what you're doing. We all need the encouragement.

*UPDATE* From Ron Calzone:

With a party line 4 - 2 vote, the Missouri Senate General Laws Committee voted to send SB 325 on to the full senate for consideration.

This is a major milestone, but there's still a lot to do before this bill becomes a law.

Namely, the president pro tem, Sen. Tom Dempsey, must place it on the calendar promptly and then majority floor leader, Sen. Ron Richard, must carve out valuable time on the senate floor for debate.

In the mean time, the House version of this bill, HB 426, is not progressing as fast as we would like.  There's a chance the House General Laws committee, chaired by Rep. Caleb Jones, will vote on this bill Thursday.   Unfortunately, there is also some talk about rolling some other gun rights bills into HB 436.

We think that's a bad idea, considering the special focus of this bill, which is to make Missouri immune from federal infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.

We're hoping that the House will keep HB 436 "pure" and also soon catch up to the Senate.

Speaking of the Senate, stay tuned for news about SJR 14, the amendment to Missouri's right to bear arms constitutional clause.  There may be some additional developments on it very soon.


Tell Two People in West County About The After Party This Thursday at Sky Music Lounge

A friend from Dallas just called me.  He said he met two conservatives from Ballwin who’d  love to be involved in movement conservatism . . . but don’t know how. I was shocked. And a little embarrassed. How can someone in West County not know about St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and The After Party?  '


Clearly, I’ve done something wrong.  I’m sorry.  But I can’t just throw my hands up and walk away.

We’re STILL fighing against Obamacare.  We’re STILL fighting against government growth.  We’re still fighting for a Constitutional Republic. We’re still fight FOR the American Ideal.  And we’re still the Tea Party, dammit!

So here’s the help I need from you. Bail me out.  Please. 

Don’t assume anyone knows anything.  Tell them to come to Sky Music Lounge on Kehrs Mill at Clayton Road in Ballwin, MO, this Thursday.  Arrive before 7:00 to get a great seat.

Bring strangers.  They don’t have to be Tea Partiers.  They don’t have to be registered voters.  They don’t have to be Republicans.  They just have to be open to the ideas of liberty, freedom, fiscal responsibility, and national defense.

We have a special badge for the first 100 people—commemorating 12 months of After Parties.

With Paul Ryan on the ticket, with the election 90 days away, with the conventions about take over TV and the news, with the USA dominating the medal count at the Olympics™, I’d be shocked if Sky Music Lounge wasn’t overflowing on Thursday.  Shocked and disappointed.  And embarrassed.

The next Tea Party After Party is this Thursday, August 16, at Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin.  Here’s the map.