Have You Noticed How Political Lines Are Blurring?

Over the years I’ve said and written nasty things about liberals. Liberals, progressives, lefties, whatever the name. And I’ve defended conservatives—blindly at times. I’ve publicly defended policies I privately considered stupid.

All in the name of advancing my agenda. I believed—and still believe—the liberty agenda is the best one. The only one for people live out the full potential of their lives, to own their own lives, and to leave the world better than they found it.

Times They Are a Changin’

As central planners in Washington (and other places) suck up  more control over our lives, I have a harder time shouting “filthy rotten leftie” at liberals. Some of my very best friends are liberals, and they’re wonderful human beings.

But personal allegiances aren’t the only reasons I ‘m uncomfortable fighting the generic left.

More and more, it seems, the left and the right have a common enemy and a common cause. Look at a few recent examples:

A Common Enemy

People of every political stripe are waking up to the reality of a common enemy: the political elite.


The political elite know no party or ideology. It exists to maintain and increase its control and power over everyone  and everything. Washington wants to control the economy, right down to the clothes you wear and the fluids you drink.

Political elitists are usually good people seduced by the siren song of political clout. The seduction envelopes and corrupts them. The song fills their heads with reasonable sounding arguments for transferring more power and privilege from the many to the anointed few.

The elitists work our minds like stage magicians, offering the illusion of control with distraction and fantastic stories that suck us in.

Morning in America

But now more and more of us—the plebes—are waking up. We’re seeing that the enemy isn’t the liberal on the left or the conservative on the right or even the “independent” who can’t make up his mind.

Our enemy is that political elite. Not the individual elitists, really, but the critical mass of that elite. Isolate them, and they rediscover their basic humanity.

And that’s what Morning in America will look like. An awakening. The terrifying understanding that power corrupts and accumulates. Then the comfort of realizing that there are more of us plebes than there are of those elites.

Finally, we’re stirred—compelled—to act. For our own humanity.

History shows that these awakenings suck to live through. But without them, life isn’t worth living at all.


P.S. If you don’t buy the Elite – Plebe dichotomy, Matt Drudge has an alternative in this tweet:

Either way, the battle lines are being redrawn.

Here's my position on war in Syria.

Why Self-governance Training Is the Most Important Training You’ll Ever Receive

I just finished Level 1 Training with the Center for Self-Governance. While I have a long way to go to complete the training, I can tell you I needed this. Bad.

What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

It’s not that I was stupid before. And some of the political action I’ve been doing my whole adult life was affective, I learned.

The problem is, I didn’t know whether or not it was effective. And I was incredibly inefficient. And I did far more work than I needed to for a given result. And I missed lots of opportunities to have far more influence on legislation than I thought.

I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. Before Level 1 training I had no idea how ignorant I was.

How Many of These Questions Can You Answer?

  1. What’s your school board’s election cycle?
  2. When does your county council meet?
  3. How often does your city council meet?
  4. Does a bill “die” at the end of a legislation session in Missouri?
  5. How many state senators does Missouri have?
  6. Who is your county council member?
  7. Does the St. Louis County Council change all at once, or are elections for the seats staggered like the US Senate?
  8. Who is your State Rep and when is he or she termed out?
  9. What elections are scheduled for 2014 in Missouri?
  10. What happened to 15,000 Witness forms filed by Missourians last week?

I was able to answer a lot of these questions. But not all. Not half. And there are lot of other important questions we should all be able to answer. Like “how many votes does it take to win the state rep race in your district?”  And “what’s the voter turnout for April elections in your county?”

Playing Whack-a-Mole with Government-Driven Issues Ain’t Working

We’re losing ground. In Missouri, in the US. We’re all worse off than we were two, four, eight, 30 years ago. You know it in your heart.

We take pride in little victories. Block some tax increase here, slowing Blue Ways there. But we’re losing ground, not gaining. We’re on the defensive. Maybe we're not dying as fast as we could, but we’re not advancing. Which means, eventually, we will lose.

Unless we do something different.

Think about it. When was the last time you felt in control of the agenda? When was the last time a House Rep called you to find out what you’d like the General Assembly to work on next session?

Well, they call Brian Bollmann. People like Brian who’ve completed Level 5 training from the Center for Self-governance get calls from school boards, city and county councils, state reps and senators, and members of the US Congress.

Level 5 teams have reversed the relationship of government to people. They’ve trained their politicians to obey them instead of the other way around.

Brian and the Cape Tea Party did it by paying more attention to skills, tactics, and strategies and less attention to the issues the government and the press has trained us to react to.

Get Your Training Now

I am going to complete Level 5 training. That'll require 40 hours of my time, plus about $180 over seven months. But it's more than worth it. I've wasted more time and money on ineffective solutions to America's power distribution problem in the past month alone. I’m now part of a team, along with the other 22 people who attended Level 1 training hosted by St. Louis Tea Party Coalition yesterday.

If you missed the Level 1 training, go to Center for Self-governance’s class schedule and sign up now.  There’s a level 1 class coming up in Quincy, Illinois.  You’ll have to travel, but so what? We’ve travelled for rallies to Quincy without batting an eye, and this training will do far more to change the course of history than any rally every did or ever will.

Don’t believe me?

A millions people marched on Washington on September 12, 2009, to block Obamacare. Did it block Obamacare?

No. It didn’t. And claiming it did makes you and America weaker. It’s denial. It’s deflating. It’s pacifying and it encourages people to keep trying the same failed tactics that didn’t work.

Meanwhile in Memphis, TN, an African-America, hard-left Democrat is working with the local Tea Party to advance pro-liberty and fiscally responsible legislation in city hall.  Why? Because of the relationship local Tea Partiers developed after committing to self-governance instead of yelling in a park.

Get Level 1 Training Before September 21 when St. Louis Tea Party will host Level 2 training.

Center for Self-governance


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