Don’t Miss A Rising Conservative Star

I met Raz Shaver in 2010. Even though he’s many years my junior, Raz has been an insightful, patient, and indispensible to mentor in grassroots activism.


Raz continues to help me and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition from his bunker in Texas. He also helps groups like St. Louis Tea Party all around the country. Victories and 2010, those to come in 2012, owe, in a large degree, to Raz Shafer.

Selfless Availability

Raz jumped at the chance to return to the St. Louis area to speak at the October After Party on Thursday, October 18, at 7:00 pm at Pio’s in St. Charles. 

Why would he travel to an After Party?

Because Missouri holds the key to the US Senate, and Senate is key to reversing Obamacare and defending the Supreme Court.

Come Out And Meet Raz Thursday

Don’t miss your chance to meet a rising star in political activism. Raz will be at Pio’s, 403 First Capitol Drive, St. Charles, MO.

Here’s more:

Raz Shafer currently serves as Political Director for the Madison Action Fund SuperPAC and Director of Texas Action. Having been active in conservative politics from an early age, Raz attended Hillsdale College and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Political Economy. Most of the intervening years have been spent working for American Majority, training more than 5000 conservative candidates and activists across the country to be more effective in their political efforts.

This election cycle, Raz is managing voter identification and GOTV efforts in a number of states for the Madison Action Fund and is preparing Texas Action for a very involved Texas Legislative Session this next spring. More information about Raz can be found at

Thanks, Raz. And thank you, in advance, for joining The After Party.

Here’s a 16th Century Lesson on Focus

Sundays are useful touchstones for our goals.

Last week, I told you about my maniacal focus for 2012. At the beginning of the week, I stuck carefully to my plan.  But after two consecutive 15-hour days at work, I let my mind wander a little. I’m sure you know how that goes.

Well, Sunday is a great touchstone.  And who provided my guidance and support?  A 16th century saint and Doctor of the Church.  Moreover, he’s the patron saint of bloggers.  (They called bloggers “writers” in his day, though.)  And my favorite church is named after him.

Stand up and give yourself a round of applause you said, “Saint Francis de Sales.” 


A truly wonderful friend and noble warrior for liberty gave me a book by St. Francis for Christmas. I treasure it. 

And I’m thrilled to see that this great saint and Doctor of the Church agrees about focus.

I get a fair amount of requests (sometimes demands) to do more stuff. “Bill, why don’t we have a weekly protest here?”  “Why don’t you post more events on the calendar?”  “When is the Tea Party going to hold another big rally so Dick Morris can sneak Roy Blunt up on stage so people will hate you for years to come.”

The big answer is simple: if we try to chase after every opportunity, we will accomplish nothing.

Here’s what St. Francis had to say:

The enemy often tries to make us attempts and start many projects so that we will be overwhelmed with too many tasks, and therefore achieve nothing and leave everything unfinished.  Sometimes he even suggests the wish to undertake some excellent work that we would have easily completed. He does not care how many plans and beginnings we make, provided nothing is finished. No more than Pharaoh does he wish to prevent the “mystical women of Israel” – that is, Christian souls – from bringing forth male children, provided they are slain before they grow up.

That pattern sounds familiar to me. I am so easily distracted by new things.  I worry that my focus on the sails of the boat I’m on will cause me to miss some other, better ship that I’d rather sail. 

But the more shiny objects we chase, the more fools’ gold we mine. 

In 2012, let’s focus on building a network of friends. Activists friends who share a love of country, liberty, and decency.  We will work together, learn together, recruit together, campaign together, laugh together, and celebrate victory together.

In this mission of The After Party, I believe the enemy is fragmentation.  Fragmented teams, fragmented minds, fragmented projects.  So, with many other intentions, I pray now for unity of purpose, integrated effort, and singularity of purpose. 

And if you don’t believe me, just ask St. Francis de Sales.

Tonight is The After Party

Just a reminder. The Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) will make a presentation about its mission and goals at the next

I want to encourage you to attend and listen to what we have to say about getting ready for the next election in 2012.

Sky Music Lounge.


930 Kehrs Mill at Clayton Rd.

7:00 pm

Please help Joplin

Bring needed items for Joplin:

  • Space heaters
  • Blankets
  • Canned goods
  • Cleaning supplies


See you all there. Thank you

You Could Be Saving a Life

The daily news about Joplin has faded.

The turmoil remains.

The list of desperately needed items is shorter, but the need is more acute than ever.

Please help.

If you can, please bring NEW items for Joplin to Sky Music Lounge Thursday, November 17, between 7 and 10 pm. Please bring ONLY items on this list.  Rob Brenner will make sure they get where they're desperately needed.

  • Space Heaters
  • Canned Goods
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Blankets

Again, these should be NEW items in their original packaging.  Rob will shuttle the items shortly after the After Party on the 17th.  You may donate without staying for The After Party.

Our continued thanks and appreciation to Rob Brenner for his yeoman efforts in Joplin after months of work in Alabama.  Rob would love nothing more than for us to overload him with kindness on Thursday.

P.S. You do not have to be a Tea Partier to help out.

Who will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, visit the imprisoned . . . ?

The candidates blew the emotional turning point in Monday’s CNN/Tea Party debate. Blew it. Big. Before we go into that, hear me out on the pressure on those candidates.

Lights, Camera, Panic

Imagine being on a stage. Searing white brightness reduces your range of vision to a few degrees of arc. You hear hundreds of people making the sounds that audiences make, but you can’t really see them.

Before you are journalists bent on catching in a gaffe, or unprepared, or vulnerable. On either side of you stand your ideological soul mates. They, too, stand ready to skewer you with your own words.

I only marvel that people can even speak in that circumstance.  So what you’re about read does mean I could do better.  I couldn’t.

Still, when you take the stage, you better be ready.  And Dr. Paul and his colleagues were not.

Let Him Die?

The turning point in that debate involved Dr. Paul. He had the opportunity to champion his greatest cause—liberty.  He missed it.  The rest of the Republicans missed it, too.

Clarence Page recounts the moment in today’s Chicago Tribune:

Moderator Wolf Blitzerasked Paul, a medical doctor and fierce libertarian, if a seriously ill young man who had decided on his own to forgo health insurance suddenly needs expensive hospital care, should the state pay for it?

Paul, shaking his head, lectured, "That's what freedom is all about. Taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everybody. ... "

At that point Paul was interrupted by a burst of applause from the tea party-filled audience.

"But congressman," Blitzer persisted, "are you saying society should just let him die?"

"Yeah," shouted at least two voices in the crowd. But Paul, to his credit, said, "No."

So who pays? Paul asserted that in his experience, friends, neighbors, churches and charities step forward to help.

Society vs. Government

Here’s how the scenario might have played out.

In answer to Blitzer’s second challenge, “are you saying society should just let him die?” Paul might have made a crucial distinction.

“Society, Mr. Blitzer, is not government; government is not society. Throughout the vast majority of human history, in fact, society was the unwilling slave to its unwanted government.  The history of man is a history of cruel domination.

“Two hundred thirty years ago, something changed.  On this continent, away from their masters, society woke up and said, ‘my only master is God.'  That society broke the chains that bound it to its European masters and formed its own government—a government subservient to the people.

Who Pays?

“Now you ask, ‘who pays for the sick who cannot pay for themselves.’ Well, we do. But not through some massive bureaucracy as far from Santa Monica as Philadelphia is from London. Instead, we, the people who surround our sick brothers, take care of him. This isn’t a Pollyanna dream; it’s the only way a free people can exist.

“Can we just abolish all of the systems and services that Washington has forced upon us over the decades?  No.  The good society that once occupied this land is a shell of its former self.  Most of us have lost the capacity to completely care for ourselves, much less caring for others.

“Corporate officers who believe their only job is to amass and hold ridiculous wealth, corrupt union bosses who exploit the hall to build their mansions, and ordinary citizens who turn a blind eye to the decay and want all around them—these are all the products of a government that over-reached its purpose.  Excessive government pacified us into the callous, hollow people many have become.

No Off Switch

“No, Wolf, we can’t just flip the switch on the federal programs that sweet-talked Americans out of their humanity. We need to wind them down as we, the people, restore the dignity, honor, and nobility we once carried.

“No, we’ll never reach every person—there will always be pathological money whores who exploit society. Like everyone else—everyone except the exploiters—I want government there to stop them.

“But I don’t want government to be the charity ward.  If you proxy out your decency, your proxy, not you, enters the Pearly Gates.

“Finally, no, our society should not stand around and watch a man die. But now it does. We expect somebody to do something about this. We wash our hands and say, ‘it’s government’s job.’   We seem to to have forgotten that, on this continent, the government is me.”

The After Party

The purpose of The After Party is to live that answer.  We must mend the tattered fabric of American society. We must learn how to offer our services and accept others’ hand.  Relying on government aid dispensed by a paid bureaucrat is demeaning.  Accepting the loving help of a stranger is the essence of humanity.

Twelve months from now, for thousands of participants in The After Party, government programs will become a superfluous waste of time, money, and energy.  We will be a force for good that no government can challenge.

Join Us 

If you want to mend the torn fabric of society as we ease out from under a bloated bureacracy, then fill out this simple form.  You will not receive our other, regular Tea Party news.  You will be in a special list of those who want to be prepared for that day when Washington can no longer pretend to be our consciences.

It’s All Your Fault

Straight up:  We can’t tell you now where future After Parties will be.  We can’t name the venue.  And it’s all your fault! Well, not all.  some if it’s my fault, but in a very innocent way.

Planning The After Party

Eisenhower said that planning is essential, but plans are useless.  He was right.

When we were planning The After Party, we figured about 50, maybe 75,  people would attend at each one.  We based this on a few factors, including some surveying of interest and attendance as last year’s Thursday Night Throwdowns.

We were wrong, if by “We” you mean “Bill.”

Yes, I was wrong.  Others warned, but I didn’t listen.

I’m happy to say I screwed up, though.

What Happened?

Well, over 100 people showed up.  And more will show up on October 20.  And more after that.

So our plan of rotating through great St. Louis restaurants is all shot to hell. Most restaurants can’t accommodate groups our size.

Plus, we can’t afford to rent a hall big enough for all of us, unless some angel comes through with an After Party grant to help us continue our mission (hint).

So Michelle Moore and others are busily at work trying to find a solution.  We’ll need space for more than 100 in October and November, and more than that in future months.

If you can help with a donation, please click below.  If you can help with venues, please send an email to using the subject line: After Party Venues. (You must use After Party Venues in the subject line, or it won’t get to the people who need it.)

Bottom Line

You overwhelmed the system, you Cloward-Piven wannabes,  with your desire to fix America.  You are champions.  You are heroes.  Society owes you a big thank you.  On behalf of that grateful nation, let me be the first to say Thank You for accepting the challenge of a generation.  Again.





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