The UN Game

The UN is a game with many players. The UN makes money by convincing member nations that the costs of funding the UN are less than the costs of not funding it.

The UN wants to grow as large as possible, like any organization or organism or rear end.

The UN is already very large. Its last budget was $5.4 billion, and that represented a 2.9 percent reduction from the previous two years. Remember, organisms want to grow, not shrink.

So the UN's purpose in the COP-21 anthropogenic global warming summit in Paris was quite simple: convince member nations to increase their payments to the UN by convincing them that not growing  the UN would cost more.

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Other players, like China and India, had a different objective. They use the UN to hamstring other players.

What emerged was a voluntary agreement to increase funding to the UN and handicap mature economies like the US. Nothing more. The UN convinced all but two countries that growing the UN is in their best interest. Those two countries are China and India--the two leading producers of greenhouse gases in the world.

While China and India may have signed the agreement, they negotiated exemptions from the agreement. In other words, the agreement puts all of China's and India's rivals at a strategic disadvantage.

China and India expect their economies to grow faster than the rest of the world's economies over the next 10 years. They can afford to pay protection money to the UN. Advanced economies, like the United States, enter into a strategic disadvantage. Our economy will be lucky to see 2 percent annual growth anytime in the next 50 years. The COP agreement was designed specifically to handicap advanced economies like ours to the benefit of growing economies like China's.

The "science" of global warming is simply a convenient lever to pressure advanced economies to self-limit future growth. Pictures of polar bears on ice floes get the kiddies all worked up while pictures of Beijing blinded by smog do not.

And that's how the game is played. COP-21 was never about science or global warming or pollution. It was about funding the UN to rig the game to favor the world's fastest-growing economies by handicapping the world's largest but stagnant economies. It's all about money.

The next administration and Congress will have an opportunity to walk away from this rigged game, and they should.


Astonishing Science: Sun May Cause Global Warming

Unbelievable! Scientists have discovered that the huge, glowing fireball in the sky may affect Earth’s temperature.

The latest evidence comes from . . . the Moon.

Back when we used to send astronauts to the Moon, we placed some temperature sensors on the Moon’s surface.  We still monitor those sensors. 

Guess what they show.  Yep, you’re right!  As temperatures rose on Earth, temperatures rose on the Moon.


Watts Up With That has all the details.

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit found scientists who issued a crop warning because of an anticipated plunge in Earth’s temp, at least in North America.

James Hansen Indicts Democracy; Can't Find His Rubber Duckies

James Hansen told some idiots who are bored enough to listen to the world's foremost global warming fraudster that democracy is destroying the planet.  This is the James Hansen who's been cooking NASA books for a decade to try to cover his 20-year-old error about CO2 and global warming.

Meanwhile, 90 rubber ducks that NASA dropped on Greenland glaciers to track the speed of melting have never made it to the sea.  According to our great NASA scientists, the ducks should have emerged in December, 90 days after they were dropped.  It's been 180 days, and the ducks are still frozen on Greenland. 

To NASA, this means that someone stole the ducks.  To everyone else, this means that glaciers on Greenland are melting at half the speed NASA expected.  The experiment is disproved.

Your tax dollars at work.

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Another Horrible Week for Global Warming Industry

The GDP might have contracted 5.4 percent annualized in 4Q08, but the AGW industry contracted about 50 percent in one week:

Hansen’s Boss:  James Hansen, AGW’s Father of Lies, received an insulting, public rebuke from his old boss at NASA.  In essence, Dr. John Theon of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, accused of Hansen of violating basic scientific principles, NASA’s scientific methodologies and policies, and of embarrassing the agency with his anti-scientific screeds on global warming.  Theon’s emails portray Hansen has a fraudulent liar.  (Where have you heard that before?")

More Scientists Turn Skeptics:  The parade of scientists who doubt Hansen, Gore, and the whole AGW theory never ends.  This week the world’s foremost authority on scientific forecasting, Dr. J. Scott Armstrong, declared that the IPCC’s global warming documents have no basis in science and violate 72 specific principle of scientific forecasting.  As the founder of the largest forecaster certification body, Armstrong effectively pronounced the IPCC invalid.

Arctic Gulls in MassachusettsArctic gulls returned to Massachusetts for the first time in over 100 years, validating AGW-monger fears that climate change would alter the migratory patterns of animals.  Unfortunately for the AGW people, this migration change came about because the earth is getting cold, fast

Gore EffectAl Gore testified before the Senate in Washington.  The weather cooperated.  Snow and ice and record low temperatures blanketed the Eastern half of the United States. 

The job of conservatism is not to attempt science, but to look for political bias in purportedly scientific claims.  The AGW hysterics are based exclusively on political goals:  the elimination of human freedom.  Don’t let them win.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your friends and co-workers to repeat the lies they hear from James Hansen and Al Gore and Michael Mann.  Your friends might not have the educational advantages you’ve had—perhaps advanced degrees in prestigious universities destroyed their critical thinking skills.  It’s up to us to help them.