The UN Game

The UN is a game with many players. The UN makes money by convincing member nations that the costs of funding the UN are less than the costs of not funding it.

The UN wants to grow as large as possible, like any organization or organism or rear end.

The UN is already very large. Its last budget was $5.4 billion, and that represented a 2.9 percent reduction from the previous two years. Remember, organisms want to grow, not shrink.

So the UN's purpose in the COP-21 anthropogenic global warming summit in Paris was quite simple: convince member nations to increase their payments to the UN by convincing them that not growing  the UN would cost more.

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Other players, like China and India, had a different objective. They use the UN to hamstring other players.

What emerged was a voluntary agreement to increase funding to the UN and handicap mature economies like the US. Nothing more. The UN convinced all but two countries that growing the UN is in their best interest. Those two countries are China and India--the two leading producers of greenhouse gases in the world.

While China and India may have signed the agreement, they negotiated exemptions from the agreement. In other words, the agreement puts all of China's and India's rivals at a strategic disadvantage.

China and India expect their economies to grow faster than the rest of the world's economies over the next 10 years. They can afford to pay protection money to the UN. Advanced economies, like the United States, enter into a strategic disadvantage. Our economy will be lucky to see 2 percent annual growth anytime in the next 50 years. The COP agreement was designed specifically to handicap advanced economies like ours to the benefit of growing economies like China's.

The "science" of global warming is simply a convenient lever to pressure advanced economies to self-limit future growth. Pictures of polar bears on ice floes get the kiddies all worked up while pictures of Beijing blinded by smog do not.

And that's how the game is played. COP-21 was never about science or global warming or pollution. It was about funding the UN to rig the game to favor the world's fastest-growing economies by handicapping the world's largest but stagnant economies. It's all about money.

The next administration and Congress will have an opportunity to walk away from this rigged game, and they should.


What Climate Scientists Aren’t Telling You About Global Warming

Allan Savory caused the slaughter of 40,000 elephants in a vain attempt to save the planet by stopping desertification. It turns out that he succeeded only in turning lush grasslands into desert. And, of course, killing 40,000 elephants.

Orphaned Elephant and Its Dead Mother

Savory loves animals. He grew up in Africa and adores elephants. So why did he kill them?

Scientists Often Do More Harm Than Good

Global temperatures are higher now, on average, than they were 100 years ago. I won’t deny that. Nor will I deny that human activity has contributed to that warming. It has.

The question is: which human activities contribute go global warming, or AGW (anthropogenic global warming).

Climate scientists like James Hansen labor to hide the truth. But they know.

The answer is shocking. And the solution is delicious.

In this TED talk, biologist Allan Savory explains how he and other scientists discovered that in their vainglorious attempts to improve nature climate scientists and biologists have, instead, nearly destroyed it.

[ted id=1683]

Thankfully, Allan Savory had the humility to admit he was wrong and the tenacity to spend his life finding a solution to the problem his fellow scientists caused.

Desertification Before Dinner?

One of the biggest culprits is the US Department of the Interior. The United States government has promoted desertification—turning grasslands and forests into barren desert—by driving cattle and herds off of government property, believing that animals cause desertification.

But herds of animals that roamed grasslands for eons before man help create and support grasslands. In other words, animals don’t kill nature, people do.

global map of desertification

The Solution to Desertification Is What’s For Dinner

The answer is beef.

Savory and his team have reversed desertification over 15 million hectares by introducing herds of cattle and sheep to deserts.

The process is simple. It works exactly as nature planned—before pointy-headed scientists decided they knew more about nature than nature.

Reversing Desertification Feed The Hungry, Too

In most of the world, only animals can feed the human population. The environment will not support enough plant-based nutrition no matter what you do.

But herds of animals can live off the land, and feed the people.

Savory has proven it.

Ask Congress To Reintroduce Herds To National Parks

The US government and its expert scientists caused desertification over millions of acres of the US by forcing cattle and sheep out of national parks. And the same government policies caused the drought plaguing western states today. Savory writes:

I have also found that only two things we do cause billions of acres of such land to exhibit predominantly bare ground between plants:

  1. Too few large herbivores (mainly livestock today) on the land demonstrating  unnatural behavior in the absence of pack hunting predators. This leads to over-resting the land while overgrazing plants.
  2. Overuse and misuse of the tool of fire

Neither droughts nor any other action of nature cause billions of acres of the US and the world’s grasslands to exhibit such high amounts of bare soil between plants.

Put the cows back where they belong.

Ask your US Senators and Representatives to watch this video. Send them a link to this blog. Ask them to promote good policy and reduce destruction of grasslands. Then, please tell the world you took action by writing a comment on this post.

Here is the text of my message to Rep. Ann Wagner and Senator Roy Blunt:

Did you know that we can improve the environment and stop desertification of America's grasslands by increasing grazing on national lands?

Please see this blog post and watch the video.

It’s time the Republicans get behind an important environmental cause that will actually make things better. This is good policy and good politics.

This is a matter of life and death for people and the planet. And it might prevent another 40,000 orphaned baby elephants.

Note: I replaced "climate scientists" with "scientists" in several places. Allan Savory is a biologist, not a climate scientist. He was not concerned with climate when he worked on the project that killed 40,000 elephants.

James Hansen Lies and Defrauds Even More

Watts Up With That has a graph illustrating the ridiculous extent to which James Hansen has gone to perpetuate his global warming myth. Hansen has rewritten US temperature data of the past 2 centuries--as if he was there. It's time for NASA to fire Hansen. The DOJ should open a fraud investigation.


As the World Cools

Two quick global warming notes. Arctic Sea Ice Extend Growing

Not too long ago, Al Gore told German school kids that the North Pole, Santa, Polar Bears, and puppies would all be dead and rotting hunks of diseased fleshed in barren, desserts that were once the Arctic Sea by the time they entered high school.  

Turns out that the Arctic Sea Ice Extent for 2007-08 and 2008-09 is pretty much in the average for entire history of measured sea ice extent (1979 to present).  A major sea ice recording center has been out of commission all of 2009, but a second center has had no problems.  MSM, governments, and lying crackpots like James Hansen ignore the fact that ICE IS INCREASING.  See this great piece on Watts Up With That.

James Hansen and the Never-Ending Winter

James "let's kill all the business people" Hansen and his merry band of doomsday AGW priests and priestesses visited the nation's capital today for "the largest anti-AGW protest since dinosaurs roamed the land."  

As you might predict, the event was hampered and dampered by heavy snow and unusually cold temperatures.  Hansen encouraged the assembled children to break laws and destroy the economy.   (They're good at that last thing.)  Fourteen protesters were treated for frostbite and exposure.  (Kidding.)

So exhale that CO2 proudly, Americans!  The world is getting colder over year.

Cooling Planet Escalates Global Warming Hysteria

The increased urgency to legislate or judicially impose new, draconian burdens on society to "save the planet" is not your imagination.  Neither is it a response to increasingly rising temperatures.  Temperatures have been falling for 8 years now, and have not risen in more than 10.   The reason the AGW alarmists need to impose restrictions is:  credit. 

Remember the ozone holes?  According to leftists, the holes were caused by chloroflourocarbons like refrigerant used in air conditioning.  These holes would eventually destroy all life on the planet, so we were told.   So the United States and most other countries banned the use of the chemicals in commercial refrigeration.

And nature obeyed.  Even before the legislation too effect, the ozone holes began to shrink.  By the time CFC production began to fall, the holes were pretty much back to the pre-panic sizes.  (They're growing again, though.)

The alarmists took credit for the shrinking of the holes despite the scientific facts that a) CFCs cannot reach the ozone layer in large enough volume to cause damage and b) ozone holes are caused by perfectly natural happenings.

For 20 years, now, we've been told that human activity will cause temperatures to skyrocket as much as 20 degrees, melting all the ice on the planet, raising sea levels until Denver is a beach town.  As with the ozone layer, the left is panicking now that their dire predictions are proving false.  They hope to enact enought new laws to claim that falling temperatures are result of their unique and noble sort of human activity:  filling the airwaves with hot air.  

AGW alarmists are either fraudulant liars or really stupid scientists whose degrees should be withdrawn.  But they are doing nothing to save the planet.

Lake Superior Freezing Over

Even as CO2 levels rise, western Lake Superior is freezing over for the first time years.

The western tip of Lake Superior has frozen over in December for the first time in recent memory, and that could mean a long season of ice angling that hasn’t been seen in years.

“We were just talking that it’s been something like 17 years since we had a good, long ice fishing season at this corner of Lake Superior,’’ said Russ Francisco, owner of Marine General sporting goods store in Duluth. “This is the most ice I’ve seen in December in years. … I wouldn’t go out yet, but if it stays cold and we don’t get a big wind, people will be out there fishing soon.’’

Next question:  Has Al Gore been to Duluth recently?

Elsewhere in the AGW world, Fred Singer posts a brief but debilitating blow (via Jennifer Marohasy) to the AGW idiots at IPCC.  

In conclusion: The IPCC’s ‘most’ is not sustained by observations; the human contribution is very likely only 10% or even less.

There you go.