RIP, Andrew Breitbart **UPDATE**

Business Insider has picked up a Big Journalism story that Andrew Breitbart died last night.  (Big Journalism is one of Breitbart’s web sites.) If this is true, then we’ve lost a gallant warrior in the battle to preserve and advance freedom and liberty.

Of course, the lefties will flood the internet with hate and bile.  So maybe the obit is a plot to draw the lefties out and reveal them for who and what they really are. I hope it’s that.

**UPDATE: 8:58 am Central** Ben Howe tweets that he has independent confirmation.  As has Daily Caller, via LA Coroner’s office


Last time I was in Andrew’s company was last June?  He was in St. Louis for Smart Girls Politics convention with his son. Had drinks at Mike Shannon’s after the event.  Andrew was excited (as he always is) that I might be spending lots of time in LA county. (Or maybe he was just being polite.  Either way, his enthusiasm made me feel good.)

I keep thinking “irreplaceable.”  That’s because Andrew’s flaws were as vital as his strengths.  The fact that he never took himself seriously enough, that he picked fights that didn’t need to be picked, and that he continued fight them after they were already decided.

Were those flaws? Or did Andrew just have tougher guts and stronger instincts than the rest of us?

He designed (in the broader sense of the word) Huffington Post. With that,, and the Bigs, he transformed the internet and, thereby, politics.  He withstood campaigns of lies orchestrated in the Obama White House and executed by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, and Media Matters.

Andrew was something of the figure I’d hoped to become growing up: the next William F. Buckley.  What I mean by that is he defined movement conservatism for  generation.

But his reign was aborted.  So soon. So, so too soon.

I pray for his soul, for his family, and for our country.  We’ve lost a general in the war for liberty.  Each of us, now must carry a heavier load.


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine on him. May he rest in peace. And may God have mercy on us all.

Shark-Jumping Anderson Cooper Style

Just before her beatification, Shirley Sherrod jumped the shark.


On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper let the embattled former USDA director talk for an hour. Bad idea. It was bad for CNN, bad for viewers, and really bad for Sherrod, who lost her mind on the air. This is what she said:

I think he’d [Andrew Breitbart would] like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery, That’s where I think he’d like to see all black people end up again.

The sad tale gets sadder.

If Anderson Cooper’s purpose was to expose Sherrod as a bitter, racial, crank, then he did yeoman’s work.  In that one hour special of All Shirley, All The Time, Cooper didn’t just knock Sherrod off of her pedestal—a pedestal I helped place her on—he hit her in the head with it. 

But the destruction of Shirley Sherrod was not Cooper’s intent, I’m sure.  He hoped to canonize the woman. It’s a comedy of errors all around. Sherrod’s media performance was so terrible she was banned form the Sunday talk shows. If we ever hear from her again, it will be after intense media coaching from the best the DNC has to offer.  But no coaching or make-up will cover her seething anger toward everything that doesn’t hand her cash.

In the end, Andrew Breitbart—the man who broke the story—got it just about right. He said all along that Sherrod hadn’t gotten past race. 

Jonah Goldberg said Shirley Sherrod owes Breitbart an apology. I agree. But don’t hold your breath.

Who Wronged Shirley Sherrod?

To no one’s surprise, leftist idiots and hate-mongers like David Frum, Keith Olbermann, and the staff of CNN point their crooked, hostile fingers toward Andrew Breitbart as the cause of Shirley Sherrod’s pain. That’s like blaming Ron Howard for the problems on board Apollo 13. 

What Breitbart and Big Government did regarding Ms. Sherrod was identical to what every television news program does every day of the week. They produced a news story based on information reasonably available to them. 

Unlike the paid liars and libelists at MediaMatters, ThinkProgress, and MSNBC, Breitbart’s journalistic integrity was close to perfect in the Sherrod story. 

  • Facts were correct
  • Persons were properly identified
  • Video and words were propoerty attributed

Further, the tale of redemption part of the speech was absent from the video Breitbart received.  We all wish he’d received the whole video. But he didn’t. He honestly believed he had the whole story, and he ran with it. 

The accusations against Breitbart, including those leveled by Shirley Sherrod herself, are shameful and unsubstantiated. They reveal the despair of a dying ideology, not the considered judgment of reasonable men and women.

Andrew Breitbart accurately demonstrated with that video the NAACP’s overt racism. That’s why Olbermann and Frum are angry: Andrew let us in on the truth.

But Shirley Sherrod was wronged.  She was wronged by Barack Obama, the hyper-racial President who has worked overtime to create racial hostilities. She was wronged by Ben Jealous and the participants of the NAACP’s recent convention whose malicious and bigoted lies about Tea Party attendees demanded Breitbart’s (and others) search for truth.  She was wronged by the White House staff’s paranoid fear of the power of Glenn Beck and Fox News.

Mostly, though Shirley Sherrod was wronged by a lifetime of miseducation. Her entire worldview was formed from a pack of lies—lies that all of hear every day, but only some of us are lucky enough to see for what they are.

The public schools, the racist faculties of most American universities, the press, the destructive parasites of the Civil Rights Industry conspire to convince good people like Ms. Sherrod that they are incapable of making it on their own. Over her lifetime, Ms. Sherrod has been pummeled with lies that resulted in a contempt for whites from which she’s happily extracted herself. But she has not overcome the false teachings that others owe her happiness and money.

Let’s pray that Ms. Sherrod will have an epiphany that frees her from hatred of achievement just as she’s been liberated from her former contempt for white people.