The Best Grilling Of Bernanke Came From Senator Elizabeth Warren And Republicans Should Be Ashamed

I agree with Republican Senator Corker that inflation is a danger in the future. But inflation doesn’t win the hearts and minds of most Americans right now. No one’s worried about it except economists and economics geeks.

The death of the community and regional bank, however, does bother people. As does the printing of money that goes straight into the 5 biggest banks in history . . . and stays there.

The US Government bailed out those 5 “too big to fail” banks in 2008 and it’s been propping them up with our money ever since. That was one of the driving forces behind the birth of the Tea Party movement in February 2009.

Four years later, the Fed, Congress, and the White House still support banks whose managers cannot operate at a profit. And the only Senator to point out the lunacy of this practice is a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts?

I realize that the Democrats are far worse practitioners of crony capitalism than the Republicans. That doesn’t excuse the GOP.

If the Republicans want people to see them as in-touch with the mood of the country, they should attack crony capitalism relentlessly. Republicans must advance sound macro economics, but they must also stress cases that win over voters. Future inflation won't do that, but crony capitalism will.

By failing to gage what messages will work, the GOP is in the odd position of standing for nothing while being perceived as too extreme.

Is Glenn Beck Helping?

For (at least) the past two nights, Glenn Beck’s program has been spell-bindingly depressing and eye-gougingly infuriating. He’s chronicled the Obama administration’s anti-Constitutional transfer of power and wealth from private Americans to other countries.  He’s shown that the administration has no concern over the 2010 election because it has no intention of obeying the laws passed by Congress.


For example, the newly appointed Consumer Protection Czar, a hard-line communist, Elizabeth Warren, is funded directly from the U.S. Treasury. In other words, there’s nothing Congress can do to curtail her powers.  She is literally a dictator whom only Obama can manage. 

But does Beck’s presentation help or hurt?

Since most of us took Psych 101, the Fight or Flight response has been updated to Fight, Flight, or Freeze (sometimes “Fright”) response.  The “Freeze” in humans occurs when people face a superior danger and have no information on how to respond. While this state is most obvious in infants and children who are ill-equipped to either fight or flee, adults will freeze in response to terror if they have no signals or reference.

Beck offers no solutions.  At least, he hasn’t in the past two days.  Yes, he tells us to pray. But he’s unwittingly driving people toward catatonia.  And he’s doing this to the very people we most need engaged right now.

I love Glenn, but he needs to offer solutions.  Bring on guests who give people a path to survival.  Offer some hope that America will return to a Constitutional Republic sometime in our lifetimes.

I don’t have Glenn’s audience, but I will offer this:  get involved now.  Sheer numbers of Americans demanding a return to a Constitutional Republic will eventually put the fear of God into the Obama regime. 

The solution is to get involved in your local Tea Party or 9-12 Project.  Get involved now.  Be the resistance.  Be the republic.

In Missouri, you have only 14 days to register to vote in the most important election of our lives.