On the Fred Watch

Today is the Wyoming Republican caucus.  Unfortunately, I know no one from Wyoming, though I do have a few business acquaintances from Montana.   My cousin Bob lived in Wyoming for a few years after college, from whence he hitch-hiked to St. Louis for the annual Hennessy St. Patrick's Day party at Uncle Jim's.  Since I have no one to appeal to directly, I hope some Wyomingites stumple upon my humble blog and decide to wander to their county convention and cast a vote for conservatism in the person of Fred Thompson.

Michelle Malkin posts some interesting facts and projections about the Wyoming event.  She points to Jim Geraghty's prediciton of 2 delegates for Thompson.  Perhaps the good folks to my west will upset that prediction with 3 or 4 for Fred.  Maybe then the MSM and FoxNews will prove me right by giving Fred some publicity for his surge in Iowa.

Sean Hackbarth, posting on Fred08.com, provides some logistics for any Fredheads who'd like help in Wyoming today. 

Also, the Red Truck is back on Fred's homepage.  The post-Christmas Blog Burst for Iowa helped drive the surge there.  Half a million for South Carolina will turn Fred's 3rd place finish into a Win for the one viable, solid, Reagan conservative in the GOP field.    You can donate here, and tell your friends.  Anyone who supports Fred but hasn't coughed up some cash, please do so now.  South Carolina could be the make-or-break state for Fred.

Finally, Newsbusters has more on Politico's all-out warfare against Fred Thompson.  Give Bill Hobbs high marks for using the right word to describe Politico "reporters":

Politico reporter Roger Simon recently lied in The Politico about an incident at an Iowa fire hall involving Sen. Thompson and a fire helmet - an "error" that The Politico has never corrected even though video of the event clearly exposed the error.

That's right.  Politico is a pack of liars.  They should work for MSNBC

Another way to help is to make phone calls for Fred.  On Fred08.com, you can call South Carolina, Florida, or New Hampshire Republicans to remind them to vote for Fred.  It's easy and a great chance to help conservatism.  I just spent an hour with people in South Carolina. 

Fred Fading?

A new CBS News poll of 302 Republicans shows that Rudy Giuliani has widened his lead over Fred Thompson. Captain's Quarters breaks down the unreliability of CBS, the problems with the sample, etc, so I won't repeat that here. Instead, let's say the numbers are correct and Fred Thompson is fading fast. Two questions come up: Why? and What of it?

Why: Interest in Thompson as the non-candidate peaked in late June and the first week of July. Supporters and observers, alike, checked the blogs and the news regularly to see if he'd made any official announcements. When word came that his official announcement might come in September, the whole Thompson story lost its news-worthiness. The free pub he'd been getting was gone, and losing that exposure could hurt him.

What of it: If Thompson announces just after Labor Day (no one will notice if he announces during Labor Day weekend), he will pick up some attention. People naturally look around for a fall pastime after the last summer holiday. During election years, Labor Day is when the race starts to take shape. In the preceding year, it's when the political junkies start getting serious and the casual voters starts eliminating bad choices (though not necessarily selecting positive choices). If he waits much past Labor Day, he won't run.

For those of us with I'm With Fred logos all over the site, these nail-biting days. While other Republicans might be able to whoop Hillary or Osama or Edwards, Thompson seems the only candidate who would have serious coat-tails.

Ball's in your court, Fred.

**UPDATE** 8/16:  Captain's Quarters is also following this story and has found that Rasmussen corroborates CBSNews findings . . . and then some . . .

The Story of the Tenth Amendment

**Note: Please read the entire store by clicking on the title or the Continue Reading link below. ** Those of us whose conservative conversions occured in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I think, are particularly fascinated by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. We also mourn over its senseless destruction by Congress, courts, and citizens.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.

How simple. How refreshing. How freedom-loving. For those whose civics classes centered around Native-American rights and women's sufferage lectures, the straightforward concept of this amendment may be too simple to grasp. Try this:

The Constitution speaking to the new members of the 110th Congress, introducing herself:

"I am the Constitution of the United States of America. I was born September 17, 1787 and baptized by the several states in 1789. My husbands have all died, leaving me to fend for myself. I see you have their portraits and statues adourning your walls and this great city. Thank you. I miss them, too.

"I'd like you to meet my 10th son, born in a litter of 10, in 1791. Being the runt of the litter, he is, of course, my favorite. (Please don't tell the others, though; I love them, too. Even the 14th, who is so shamefully misunderstood by everyone.)"

"The Tenth, as we call him, speaks directly to you and to that court a few blocks from here. But do they listen? Do you hear what he tells you?

"When I see the way you ignore him, I think of Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas Future. Remember the little boy and little girl huddled under the robe of the grim reaper? Remember what Scrooge's guide told him about them?

'This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.'

"My Tenth, poor little fellow, warns you the same. You ignore the boy at your own peril. You ignore the writing on his brow--a concept so simple, so easy for you to disregard in your sophistication and achievement and fame. But listen, please, while you still can.

"My Tenth is telling you what his Fathers believed, what you claim in you campaign speeches to believe. He's talking about me, his mother. He's telling you, 'Listen to my mother!'

"He speaks so softly that you'll need to turn off your iPods and stop the side conversations to hear him. But what he says is, perhaps, more profound than anything ever written. He says, 'If my mother, the Constitution, doesn't tell you, Congress, to do something, it's the same as her telling that you must not do it. Unlike God, Mother doesn't have time to list the things you're not permitted to do--and there are so many. After all, you aren't a creature of God, but of Man. Man is free to do all but a short list of things, but you are permitted to do only that stated in the Constitution, and no more. You are constrained--the people are merely guided.'"

The Congress sat in nervous silence. A few throats cleared. Some people, mostly on the left side of the aisle, looked down at the blue carpet and seemed restless, even angry. They seemed wishing to be adjourned. Others, mostly on the right, seemed to want to hear more, as if they recognized a favorite lullaby their mothers used to sing them. A tiny group, too small to count, really, all on the Right, wept quietly. They loved the Tenth and saw its mother's pain and wondered what its Fathers would say about this and previous Congresses. They knew the Fathers' thoughts would not be kind.

Ed Morrissey's piece on Captain's Quarters inpsired this story. I hope, like Ed, that our candidates understand the simple little sentence at the end of the Bill of Rights. I wonder, sometimes, weather anyone does. Mark Trapscott's piece on the 10th Amendment through Fred Thompson's eyes seems to have inspired Ed. Please read them all. More from Instapundit.

Thompson to Announce in September


As an act of courtesy to the politics-weary American public, Fred Thompson is likely to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for President in September, according to columnist-reporter Robert Novak.

Thompson's late entry may reverse a trend in recent years in which the next presidential campaign begins before the last one ends. If Thompson believes the people will be sick of Giuliani, Clinton, and Obama by the time the Super Bowl comes around, he may be right. An indicator of public weariness with election politics will be campaign contributions. If the numbers for August pull back, expect Thompson to gain some support simply for waiting.