Italy Erases 600 years of Scientific Progress

The next time some liberal tells you the United States needs to act more like Europe, tell them, “no, we believe in science.” gods

Italy sentenced six scientists to prison for the felony of failing to predict an earthquake.


The people who brought us da Vinci, Columbus, and Marconi believe that those wizards in lab coats with all the machines that go “beep” are actually gods who control the earth and the stars.

Why not just force scientists to adopt the old Roman gods’ names: Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Pluto, Apollo.

Most people with a 5th grade education know that science still cannot predict earthquakes with any degree of accuracy, anymore than Harold Camping could predict the end of the world.

By sending six scientists to prison for six years, plus fining them $130,000 each, Italy has likely ended its dalliance with modernity. Who in his right mind would work in a scientific field knowing that any error—or lack of capability—will bring on a prison sentence?

I hope our immigration laws will allow entry for great Italian Brain Exodus.

The left in America believes Europe has all the answers. Clearly, Europe believes it has answers that can’t be answered. And that’s scary in the year 2012.

6.3 Earthquake in Central Italy **UPDATE**

The USGS reports a strong, 6.3 earthquake in Central Italy [map of quake].  No news on major news sites yet. UPDATE:  Fox News now has banner but no story.

UPDATE:  Fox News moves fast. From Sky News Service quoting Rafael Abreu Hael of U.S. Geological Survey:

"This is a significant earthquake," he said. "This is a shallow quake but there is definitely a possibility of damage and even injuries. It is going to depend on what type of buildings are in the area."

Location not far from Rome which felt the quake.

More from Reuters, but still few details on damage or injuries.  Hopefully none.

UPDATE:  4/6, 7:56 AM:  Reuters reports that an Italian scientist who predicted the earthquake in January was muzzled by the government.  The Italian government ordered seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani to remove all references to his prediction from the internet after the mayor of L'Aquila complained that Giulani's prediction was creating a panic.

This is not the first time governments have ostricized scientists who accurately predicted earthquakes.  The US Geological Survey fired Jim Berkland in the 197os, then launched a PR campaign to ridicule the man whose prediction accuracy far exceeds that of the USGS.  Berkland's predictions, it seems, fall outside of the scientific consensus.