Did Prostitutes In Business Suits Cost Ed Martin A Place On The Rules Committee?

You probably never heard of Lance Beshore of Joplin, MO. He’s been Missouri’s delegate to the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee for 12 years. He runs the lobbying department of Leggett & Platt furniture company. He’s on the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, and he’s chairman of the board of Freeman Health Systems. hookers

In his roles at Freeman and the Missouri Chamber, Beshore advocates for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.

This information, via 24th State, may explain why Lance Beshore and Catherine Hanaway reneged on their support of Ed Martin to replace Lance on the GOP rules committee.

Medicaid Expansion Is The Poison Apple of Republican Politics

When the Obama administration dangled money before the Missouri Chamber’s eyes, they lit up like a smack addict in a shooting gallery. Medicaid Expansion is a short-term windfall for hospital owners and long-term fiscal nightmare for taxpayers. (Click here to learn what you can do about Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.)

The Obama scheme offers states 100% funding of Medicaid Expansion for 3 years, and phases out the payments over time. Then the state gets stuck with the bill. The federal money comes from young workers by taxing future income to pay the debt on federal money.

Beshore and his Missouri Chamber cronies are trying to transfer wealth from children to their grandparents.  Money can corrupt.

Beshore Changed His Mind, But Why Is Hanaway Going Along

In January, according to sources, Beshore decided not to seek a fourth term on the GOP rules committee, and Ed Martin was tapped to replace him. Catherine Hanaway, Beshore, and Martin agreed to the change by email and forwarded the agreement to the RNC.  I have not seen the email, but I have spoken to two people who have.

The RNC later decided they needed a signed statement from all three. Beshore refused to sign. According to friends, Hanaway said she won’t kick Beshore off the rules committee, despite the fact that agreed to leave last month.

And that’s where we stand, with Beshore and Hanaway apparently abandoning the grassroots for the cronies.

Looks like Obama’s strategy of turning Republicans into crony capitalists and pitting them against grassroots conservatives is working.

Now go read Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business to learn about business people and principles we can admire.

But first, contact your Missouri Legislators and them to thwart Beshore’s plan.

This Is Why You Are Underemployed

If you can’t find full-time work, blame Obamacare.


One reason the Middle Class has shriveled and wages shrunk over the the past four years is underemployment. People want full time work, but settle for anything. And anything is usually part time.

Most of the fantastic new jobs created since the 2009 have been part-time jobs.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.6% of Americans want a full-time job but settle for part-time. The problem is far worse in states like Illinois, at 16.3%. Meanwhile, Gallup shows underemployment at 16% nationally.

Obamacare Discourages Full-Time Jobs

The Wall Street Journal knows why people can’t find full-time work, and it’s Obamacare:

Some low-wage employers are moving toward hiring part-time workers instead of full-time ones to mitigate the health-care overhaul’s requirements that large companies provide health insurance for full-time workers or pay a fee.

This is typical of government intervention. Government central planning usually hurts the people it tries to help.

(Stick “Central Planning” into your vocabulary. It’s the reason the economy sucks.)

When a government program fails, the government has only one recourse: demand even more power and more control.

Here’s How To Fix Healthcare

If you want to promote health and discourage sickness, turn “the insured” into the “the market.”  Turn patients into healthcare consumers.  Let people make market decisions about their healthcare.

By exposing consumers to the real costs of healthcare, two things will happen:

  1. Healthcare decisions, including lifestyle, will improve.
  2. Healthcare costs will fall under market pressure.
  3. Quality of outcomes will increase, because poor performers and low-percentage treatments will exit the market.

Obama’s Contempt for the Rule of Law

When he identified the three branches of government as President, House, and Senate, obama-lgWas Chuck Schumer confused, or did he accurately state the Obama administration’s intent to subjugate the Judicial Branch of government?  It seems the White House no longer considers the Judicial Branch the equal of the Executive.

In two cases—the Gulf oil drilling ban and Obamacare—the White House refuses to obey ruling from federal judges.  In New Orleans, federal judge Martin Feldman found the White House in contempt for its re-imposition of oil drilling bans after his previous ruling to the contrary.  Meanwhile, the government has refused to obey a Florida judge’s declaratory relief ruling over Obamacare. 

It’s not unusual for dictators to simply ignore court orders they don’t like.  But it’s very unusual in the United States. It indicates to me that the era of Constitutional government is over as citizens can no longer rely on injunctive relief from tyranny. 

A decade ago, Barack Obama told Chicago Public Radio the believes the U.S. Constitution “is a fundamentally flawed document.”  In that interview, he expressed his further belief that radicals who attempted to undermine the Constitution through the courts were misguided. 

Today we’re learning Obama’s preferred method of ending Constitutional law: naked aggression.

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear and rule on the Constitutionality of Obamacare. Many observers believe the court will find the individual mandate unconstitutional.  Based on his previous contempt for the rule of law, we have no reason to believe Obama would obey the Supreme Court’s ruling.