How to Kill the Tea Party

If the Tea Party—or ACORN or the Democratic National Committee or anyone or anything else, for that matter—stays in a perpetual state of heightened negative emotions nothing positive gets accomplished.

The gazelle that flees imaginary lions soon dies of exhaustion. As positive emotions researcher Barbara Frederickson puts it:

when extreme, prolonged, or contextually inappropriate, negative emotions can trigger a wide array of problems for individuals and for society.

Phobias develop out of unchecked fear.

Continuous negative emotions can lead to unhealthy stress levels and compromise the immune system in humans, according to psychologist Ann O’Leary in Psychological Bulletin (1990).

Too much negativity turns off society, too.

When man or beast trumpets his distress signal out of context or after danger has passed, the rest of the pack eventual turns against the noisemaker. We call such creatures “alarmists,” and it’s not a compliment. The boy who cried wolf wasn't just ignored; he was despised.

One Great Way to Relieve Stress

frontcover-e1261945080789[1] A new poll shows American’s are stressed out.  Almost half of Americans say they’re under moderate to severe financial stress.

I feel it, too.  Financially, emotionally, and chronologically. 

While my book Zen Conservatism won’t fix all your problems, it will help you deal with what’s going on in America a little better. 

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How to Focus for Better Living

I once thought that focus meant you never got distracted. I was wrong.

A person with a powerful focusing ability gets as distracted as the next guy. The difference is that the Focus Master has learned to recognize distraction and gently guide his thoughts or actions back to the intended task at hand.

That simple skill is rare and remarkably powerful. Pay attention to every word of this two-step process:

1. Recognize that your mind has wandered, and

2. Gently let go of the distraction and return to your intended thought or action

Practice this skill once a day for twenty-one days, and you will gain a tactical advantage over ninety-nine percent of the population.

Here are some practical ways to practice:

At the computer:

1. In a fairly quiet place with your computer, go to and select the countdown timer.

2. Set the timer to three minutes for the first week, and increase by 2 minutes each of the following two weeks.

3. Before you start the time, think of the word that best describes what you need most. Choose a single word, like “freedom” or “perseverance.”

4. During each session, try to feel what it would be like to have what you’re asking for. Don’t think about it or describe it: feel it.

5. Start the time, and close your eyes, focusing on the feeling of your word.

6. As your mind wanders, recognize the wandering. Acknowledge it. Let it go. Gently guide your feelings and thoughts back to the word and the feelings associated with achieving that word.

7. Repeat step 6 until the timer sounds.

8. Open your eyes, silence the timer, and write yourself a short note about the experience.


1. During breakfast, try focusing exclusively on every aspect of the food you’re eating. Enjoy the crap out of every bite. As other thoughts intrude, let them go and gently return your thoughts and feelings to the food that fuels your body and mind.

2. While driving, turn off the radio and your cell phone. Concentrate on the act of driving, the sound of the car, the activities of other drivers. Focus on the variety of sensations and driving styles you witness. If you start to get angry or distracted with thoughts of work or home, acknowledge the distraction and guide your mind back to the rich world of driving.

You can probably come up with your own ideas for variations. In any event, practice for three, then five, then seven minutes every day for twenty-one days. You’ll become a master of focus. You’ll make decisions faster and more effectively. You’ll find that you can accomplish more work in less time. And you’ll feel far less stress in everything you do.

Zen Conservative Paperback Available Now

frontcover You Can Order My Book Online Today
Zen Conservatism is now available in paperback. 

I began this book in December 2008, just after the election.  My goal was to produce a book that would inspire people to restore our republic.  At the time, conservatives were disheartened, dismayed, and distracted. 

Then the Tea Party movement began, and I had to put my book project on hold.
But thanks to your work, I've been able to return to my project.  I've updated the original work with things I've learned in the Tea Party movement, but the basic idea remains the same:  focus on the most important things and be happy while you do it. 

I hope this book helps you (and all of us) reclaim our freedom without losing our souls
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Finally, thank you, all of you, for the most amazing year of my life.  I start writing this book a week after the 2008 elections.  I was writing to myself at first, but then I heard so much fear and anger that I decided to make it a book.  Then the Tea Party started, and . . . well, I just didn't have the time to finish it.  I took some time off of the Tea Party in October to dust off the file and wrap it up.  I hope you like it.  I know some of you will disagree with parts of it, and some might be disappointed with my honesty.  I can't help that--I don't think you'd want me any other way.


Zen Conservatism is not published by St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.