It Must Suck to be an Incumbent

Whether you’re the party darling or the federal office holder, 2010 is shaping up to be your  last year in politics. In Kentucky, Tea Party Republican, Rand Paul, opened a can of whoop-ass on Republican party favorite, Trey Grayson. No single race proves the strength or impact of the Tea Party, but races like Paul’s demonstrate that the right candidate with the right campaign team with the strong backing of the Tea Party and 9-12 Project can blow away the party candidate. Don’t read anymore into it.

And don’t read too much into the PA12 race to fill Jack Murtha’s seat. This race involved a single district in Pennsylvania where Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one.  Tim Burns's opponent ran to the right of Ronald Reagan:  pro-life, pro-gun, anti-ObamaCare, and anti-Cap and Trade.  Critz also was credited with being shovel man in Murtha's pork-barrel filling operation.

Additionally, thanks to traditional Republican circular firing squads, there were approximately 16,000 under votes in the special election.  Yesterday, Burn was not only the GOP candidate in the special election, but he was on the Primary ballot against establishment Republican, Bill Russell, for this November’s general.  It seems Russell’s supporters were encouraged not to vote in the special election. It's difficult for a Republican to beat both a Republican and a Democrat.

Russell's strategy backfired.  He's losing the primary race to Burns.  But he did succeed in ensuring Burns will face an incumbent Democrat.  Way to go, Einstein.

Across PA, RINO-cum-Democrat, Arlen Specter lost soundly to Any Democrat.  In this case, Any Democrat was played by Congressman Jay Sestak.  (Pronounced: who cares?) This commercial explains why cynicism, even naked cynicism, won’t cell in 2010:


In Arkansas, it appears Blanche Lincoln’s career will be decided by a  run-off in June.

So what does it all mean?

1. Incumbents and party favors are out

2. Money can still buy votes

3. Republicans are still the only people who can beat Republicans—and they do it very well.

4. Pat Toomey (PA) and Rand Paul (KY) will be freshman Senators together next January.

Did Chuck Schumer Try To Murder Chief Justice Roberts?

Not much time tonight . . . watching a movie with the family Chuck Schumer's an Idiot: Over the weekend, Chuck Schumer (see Malkin) picked up the theme started by Republican Sentator Arlen Specter. The two Senators are looking to indict Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito on perjury charges.

Schumer's justification for effectively abolishing the Supreme Court is the so anti-historical and anti-Constitutional it's almost funny.

The burden of proof lies with the nominee to prove that he is something other than what the President chose him for.

Really, Senator? The Constitution places no burden of proof upon nominees. They are appointed by the President (not recommended, but appointed) with the "advice and consent" of the Senate.

While idiot liberals my try sophomorically to argue that "advice and consent" means a burden of proof upon the nominee, they would be, as always, dead wrong. Advice and consent is the mildest of standards. Where the framers believed a strong burden existed upon one party in order to prevail, they said so.

Schumer and Specter are small, weak, petty men. They understand so little of the law they studied. They display no historical or Constitutional perspective, as if the law popped into existence with their passing of the bar and will die out like a fading star with their retirements from politics.

Did Schumer or Specter somehow induce Chief Justice Roberts's seizure? I'm sure they and their friends are giddy over the news of Roberts's hospitalization, as Michelle Malkin points out.

If Bush caused 9/11, then it stands to reason that Schumer tried to kill the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Now, go to Captain's Quarters and read about the liberals who protested Sen. Norm Coleman's (R-MN) father's funeral. His father's funeral! Liberals are scum. If conservatives acted as irresponsibly as these various bastards, Jesse Jackson would be rhyming up a storm, the ACLU would be suing God, and Al Franken would sacrifice a goat on the front lawn of the White House while CNN and MSNBC praised their restraint. Bastards.

TexasRainmaker summarizes more hate speech from the party of compassion.