Where I'm Kicking Off My Ferguson BUYcott Saturday

At 1:00 PM, I'll be at  911 Beauty Salon: 9193 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO 63136, Cross Streets: Between Ferguson Ave and Canfield Dr. Let us know your story here. Upload photos, reciepts, and stories. People love stories. You are welcome to join me there at 1:00, or shop and dine on your own.


This Ferguson BUYcott is getting massive national attention. Big thanks to everyone who took part last week and who's joining in this week.

IN the past three days, I've seen four different people tear up when I told them what we did.

When Jack Buck died, I heard a dozen people say about him, "he did great acts of kindness for people who couldn't do a thing for him." That life lesson from one of my heroes stuck with me. But I never really knew how to live it. I was under the delusion that helping people who can't help you only works for famous people. Just about everybody can do less for the famous than the famous can do for them.

But this Ferguson BUYcott showed me how I CAN help people who probably can't return the favor anytime soon.

When you shop or dine in Ferguson, you're helping the entire community. But what feels good is helping the person right in front of you.

1:00 Saturday at 9193 W. Florissant Ave. That's where I'll be. Hope to see you there.

Please shop in groups of 6 or fewer. Don't be afraid to say you're with St. Louis Tea Party and you're there to shop. Don't buy the last of an item, because someone in the neighborhood might need it.

And smile. A smile can save a life.

Ferguson Shopping Ideas

Here are some businesses people should frequent:

Eat at Sweetie Pies on W. Florrisant, or head to Paul’s Market on Elizabeth, Drive down N./S. Florrisant for Shop-n-Save, Chinese Food, local eats, bakeries, dollar tree, etc.  Ferguson also extends to New Halls Ferry and 270, where there is a Home Depot, another Shop-n-Save, Party store, UPS store, and more. http://livewellferguson.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/FergusonMap5-1.jpg

Also, there is Ferguson Bike shop, The Whistle Stop,  and Sportsprint (where you might find an I heart Ferguson shirt).

So, besides the hard hit area I know you are planning on going to, there are other stores

http://www.sportsprint.com/contact.html http://www.paulsmarketdeli.com/ (awesome meat/butcher shop and deli, with a mini store) http://fergusonbicycleshop.com/wp/ https://www.facebook.com/CathysKitchenrestaurant https://www.facebook.com/theflavorofmexico (El Palenque) http://www.whistlestopdepot.com/index.html (Frozen Custard and food) http://www.marleysferguson.com/ (bar and grill – cheap and good) http://www.corkwinebarstl.com/ (upscale eating, great wine menu) http://www.fergusonbrewing.com/ (local brew and good menu) http://www.cose-dolci.com highly rated Bakery https://www.facebook.com/pages/Faraci-Pizza-North/125001694200111?sk=info http://vincenzosstl.com/ http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/28/322130/restaurant/St-Louis/Spencers-Bakery-Ferguson http://www.andywurm.com/location.aspx (tire and wheel – not the looted rim store) http://www.yelp.com/biz/drakes-place-ferguson http://www.yelp.com/biz/sweetie-pies-saint-louis

And don’t forget! Every Saturday Morning 8 am-noon – through October: http://fergusonfarmersmarket.com/


Are there any courageous business executives alive today?

The most disappointing thing about leaving the military is that it usually means leaving the last bastion of leadership in America.  If you open your own business or freelance, you probably don’t notice the cowardly bastards populating corner offices in most American enterprises.  You’d puke, as Holden Caulfield might say.

John Mackey of Whole Foods had the courage to oppose socialized medicine AND to defend his position and his right to say it. Gina Loudon led a Nationwide Tea Party Coalition BUYcott in support of Mackey.  It was a wild success. How many corporate CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, or CFOs stood behind Mackey?

None. Because 99 percent of business executives are myopic cowards. They would rather strap on knee pads and crawl to the White House to beg Prince Barack for scraps from Andy Stern’s bounteous plate than to stand on their own two feet and say, “You, Mr. President, are destroying the American job engine.”

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe all you enterprise executives save puppies from burning buildings in your spare time.  Maybe you jump on private jets to Afghanistan and kill jihadis when you leave the office, sleeping on the flight home. Maybe you’re not self-serving cowards.

Prove it.

Comment on this post.  Tell St. Louis and America who you are, the company you help run, and what you’re doing to stop the socialization of America? 

Please don’t bother if you’re going to tell me you give $2,000 to Republican candidates every year.  The Republicans allowed this disaster to come about.  The GOP made Barack Obama—the Democrats are too screwed up to to that.

Why aren’t you in the streets?  Why aren’t you funding conservative activist groups the way George Soros, Eric Schmidt, and Mark Cuban fund the commies?  Why don’t you take a stand even at the expense of a few customers?  Mackey did it, and we stood behind him.  Where the hell are you?  Why aren’t you belittling and ridiculing the White House’s anti-liberty schemes instead of licking Obama’s boots at a White House photo op?

Tell us here, you brave, tough leaders.  Tell us.  Tell us, because we’re looking for someone to rally behind.  We want another Mackey to buy from.  We are ready to shop YOUR STORES.  We’re just looking for a few good leaders! 

Yes, there are a few brave men and women among you. Damn few, though. Damn few. You want to know why ACORN and SEIU and all the other leftists keep shaking you down?  Because you’re cowards, and you pay. No one in his right mind would buy stock in ANY company in America that’s run by a weasel who praises free markets, then bows to our socialist prince.  Your profits are solely in the short term.  You and your company are doomed to destruction because you are failing in your fiduciary duties.

Prove me wrong.  Show us what you’re made of, if it’s anything but tapioca pudding.  Comment.  Go public.  We don’t shop in shady back rooms.  Man up and act like Americans.

Comments section is open.  Use it, ya weasels.