The Karl Rove School of Sanctimony

When I read about Todd Akin's unfortunate comments to Charles Jaco, my first thought was uncharitable.  "I could just kill him." Karl Rove Lecturing

"I could kill him," is an idiom. Its cousins include "wring his neck" and "poke his eyes out." Idioms hyperbolize our emotional reaction to an event.

I was angry because Todd Akin gave the left a great talking point in the infamous interview. I like Todd Akin. I voted for him.  I want him to beat Claire McCaskill, and, if not him, someone. So his hideous PR failure Pissed. Me. Off. In fact, I'm still feeling a bit uncharitable, but that's my problem at this point.

Karl Rove attacked Akin almost immediately.

Karl Rove, who directs a lot of campaign money through Crossroads GPS, vilified Akin. Rove promised to pull Crossroads funding from Missouri. He predicted that Akin would lose his race against Claire McCaskill for the US Senate by largest margin in modern history.

All fair and good. Akin put a safe Republican Senate pick-up at risk by his failure to check his tongue. Akin's error put at risk four years of hard work by millions of Americans and jeopardized Todd's favorite causes, including pro-life.

Rove Gone Wild

But at the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove drove right off the rhetorical Chappaquiddick Bridge.

"We should sink Todd Akin. If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts!"

Roves comment was not an idiom. It was an original thought. He said "murder," not "kill," indicating intent and planning.

Even more malevolent,  "we should," which Rove said, is not "we could." Could implies ability; should implies duty.  Karl Rove essentially said, "We are obliged to murder Todd Akin."  Or at least to defeat him in November.  (Todd Akin has since accepted Rove's apology, for which I tip my cap to both men.)

So much for Karl's sanctimonious excoriation of Todd Akin.

But he was joking of course.

Or was he?

In charity, we assume Rove isn't plotting Akin's physical assassination. But he might be plotting Akin's political assassination.

Rove implied he prefers Claire McCaskill to Todd Akin.  That's fine.  He's entitled to support whoever he wants for the US Senate.

What irritates me most about Rove's comment, though, is exactly what irritated me about Akin's.  In a world where Republicans are held to a God-like standard by the media, saying idiotic things in public hurts the cause.

Rove committed precisely Akin's sin.

He said something stupid that reached public ears.

For that, Rove deserves the same excoriation he's advocated against Akin.  My guess is, though, Karl's wealthy friends will protect him.

Would you do me a favor this Saturday?

I try not to ask for much.  Okay, maybe that’s not true, but I’m going to ask you a favor, anyway. Mark this down:  7:00 pm, Saturday, October 1.  It’s weird, I know.  But I’m asking for three presents in one.

First, my mom and dad celebrate their wedding anniversary this week. (62nd?)  Second, my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary this week.  Third, next week is my birthday.

I’d ask for a birthday party, but I know you’ll all be worn out from the big Forest Park event on Tuesday, October 4 at 5:00 pm.

So I’m going to ask you for a very simple favor.

Please watch KPLR Channel 11 at 7:00 pm this Saturday, October 1.  If you can’t watch, DVR it and watch later.

October 2011 Calendar – United States

See, I’ll be on. I’m the guest on a brand new news program hosted by Shirley Washington. Panelists include Charles Jaco and Betsey Bruce. (It could be lively!)

The format sounds great: a 15-minute regular news section followed by a 45-minute examination of one topic. So don’t stop watching if it’s straight news at the top of the hour.  Pop some popcorn, crack open a Bud Select, and relax.

Thanks to your work, the topic of the very first episode is the Tea Party Movement.

Since we couldn’t get all 7,000+ people registered in our database into the studio, they asked me to be your humble representative.  I hope I don’t let you down.

So please watch or DVR Saturday at 7, Channel 11.  And drop a nice note to Shirley Washington to thank her for making Tea Party the first topic.

KTVI's Hard News Guy . . . Sgt. Bilko

Just watch. And laugh. Then call KTVI's General Manager, Spencer Koch at 314-213-2222, and demand an apology for Sgt. Bilko's latest travesty reported on Gateway Pundit. [youtube=]

Too good to be true? Ask Charles:

On April 13, Charles Jaco reported on KTVI News that an organization called The Constitution Party sponsored and helped organize the St. Louis Tea Party.  Jaco also claimed that The Constitution Party is a white supremacist group.  Despite no evidence of either claim, and the indisputible fact that The Constitution Party had no hand in the St. Louis Tea Party, Jaco persists with his lie and KTVI management refuses to apologize.

Fox 2 News St. Louis Lies About Tea Parties **UPDATE**

Charles Jaco of Fox 2 News in St. Louis filed a fabricated story claiming that a) the St. Louis Tea Party is organized by something called The Constitution Party, and b) the Constitution Party is an extremist, white supremacist group. I will say only this:

1.  Neither Dana Loesch nor I is a member of the Constitution Party.  I did not know of such an organization before April 14, 2009

2.  The Constitution Party did not sponsor, organize, or advise the organizers of the St. Louis Tax Day Party or the February 27th Tea Party

3.  I have no evidence that The Constitution Party is a white supremacist group

4.  Charles Jaco has no evidence contradicting any of the above assertions

In short, Jaco lied.  Every person attending today's Tea Party in Kiener Plaza at 6:30 p.m. deserves an on-air apology by the general manager, Spencer Koch.   

UPDATE:  I just spoke a manager at KTVI.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TEA BAGS.  I didn't realize that they handle suspicious packages as carefully (FBI) as the government.  My stupidity at play here, folks.  I'm sorry.  

If you have already followed my bad advice,  please email.  I'll contact the station and let them know.  

Again, my apologies to you and to Channel 2

If you would like to see such an apology, contact Channel 2.  In fact, why not send them some tea bags?

Station Contact Information: Mailing Address: FOX 2 KTVI 2250 Ball Drive  Saint Louis, MO  63146 Main Station Phone: 314-213-2222 (Main KPLR Phone: 314-447-1111) Assignment Desk Phone: 314-213-7831 Newsroom E-mail: