Um, What’s Going On?

Look, folks, let’s remember who’s on whose side. Dana Loesch is a champion of liberty, the conservative grassroots, and everything else we stand for. And she’s a great friend to me, to the Tea Party, and, in a sense, to all of us. She’s elevated this movement locally and nationally like no one else.  You wouldn’t be reading this post if not for her.

I am so sorry that my piece from last night raised tempers. I tried to be wry and sarcastic, not angry.  I guess I failed. Please forgive me.

I am very sorry to Dana Loesch. I don’t know why some on our side are questioning her commitments to limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and national defense. I won’t elevate the accusations by repeating them, but I will say this: if it’s true of Dana, it’s true of me.

And learn from my mistakes. I hurt a friend last night by not thinking before posting. Avoid that pain. It helps no one.

Dana Bouncing Back

donut-cushion-for-coccyxDana Loesch has been plagued with a perstistent cold. Yesterday, her stairs leapt up and kicked her in the . . .

Turns out to be a fractured coccyx (aka, tailbone).

We feel terrible that Dana had this tale to share with the world, but we congratulate ourselves for limiting the number of cheap jokes.

Certainly, we pray for minimal pain and minimal recovery time.

Left Doubles Down on Threats

What would you do? 

Suppose you did something stupid.  You blamed the wrong person, for instance, for a capital crime.  Then supposed one of your comrades compounded your . . . error . . . by threatening to kill someone on national television?

BillMaherAngryIf you’re an American leftist, you might double down by issuing even more death threats to even more people.

That’s what’ happening right now in America.  Death threats are pouring into Trent Humphries, Tucson Tea Party organizer, Dana Loesch, Sarah Palin (who vows not to be silenced), Glenn Beck, and more.  The self-proclaimed conscience of America—collectivist lefists—have essentially declared war on the right. 

Gateway Pundit and the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition issued a press release on January 17 denouncing the left’s continued threat of violence as means of advancing its anti-liberty agenda.

To counter the left’s increasing vitriol and violence, please publicly thank three people today.

I’ll start:

Thank you, Jim Hoft, for bringing to our attention the mounting threats Trent Humphries is receiving.

Thank you, Jen Ennenbach for crafting a great press release on the issues.

Thank you, Dana Loesch, for continuing to keep our voices in the national ear.

And a bonus:  thank you for honoring by reading my little web missives. 

*UPDATE* J. Eric Fuller issues apology to Trent Humphries.

Sometimes a Morris is Just a Morris

Dana Loesch invited Dick Morris onto her radio show today. Dana expected to discuss START with Mr. Morris.  But Dick has a mind of his own.

Morris decided, about a minute and a half into a five-minute segment, that he wanted to talk about the 2012 US Senate race in Missouri instead. Specifically, he wanted spend the segment campaigning for Sarah Steelman for the the Republican nomination.

Decide for yourself:  here’s the link to Dana’s show.

I honestly don’t know much about Steelman. Frankly, I’m a little burned out on electoral politics after 2010.  But I do know it’s rude to hijack a talk show to endorse a candidate in a primary two years away. 

I also know that Dick Morris has  a history of abusing his celebrity status to campaign for candidates outside of federal election laws.  On September 12, Dick violated protocols by dragging Roy Blunt onto the stage of the “Gateway to November” Tea Party in St. Louis. Seems to be a pattern of abusing gracious hosts, don’t you think? 

The question is, does Dick do it for money?

What do you think? Please leave your comments below.

Big Journalism’s Big News

It seems impossible that nearly nineteen months have passed since I met Dana Loesch for the first time. 

1018[1] It was on the sidewalk on Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd, 27 February 2010.  Snow flurries drifted and bounced like little kids playing around at a wedding reception.  Two-hundred or so people had already arrived, and Dana brought the cutest little megaphone you’ve ever seen.  With that megaphone, we announced the first St. Louis Tea Party, and 20 people standing directly in front of us hear ever word.  (The rest cheered politely, anyway.)

Today, Dana announced a new step in her meteoric career: Editor-in-Chief at

The rise of Andrew Breitbart’s “Bigs” and the rise of Dana Loesch are good news—mark that, Great News—for movement conservatism and for America.  Hell, it’s great news for liberty and justice, too.  Mostly, though, it’s good new for journalism in America, which has been teetering on the cusp of irrelevancy since Walther Cronkite became a leftist filter of inconvenient facts. 

Dana’s brand of fearless reporting now receives greater, and much deserved, amplification. Bretibart has plugged in the amp on a voice that liberals hate and conservative cheer.  But most importantly, Dana’s voice grasps the hearts and minds of those who’ve felt left out of 21st century—the tea party people. 

Fox News, Al Gore’s Internets, talk radio, and Breitbart’s Bigs had already accelerated the demise of Old Journalism.  Adding Dana Loesch to national scene stamps a firm expiration date on canned liberal news. The Grey Lady is dead . . . long live Dana.

Come to Kansas City This Weekend

The Cardinals are out of town.  The day before Mother’s Day is always boring.  (You don’t want to go into a Mother’s Day Brunch hangin’ like Saddam Hussein, right?) So spend Friday evening and/or Saturday with Dana Loesch, Bill Hennessy, and hundreds of grassroots conservative activists at;


It’s not too late to register and arrive, and everything happens at the Embassy Suites at KC International Airport:

Kansas City Summit

May 7-8
Embassy Suites KC – Int. Airport
7640 NW Tiffany Springs Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64153

Dana will be a headliner.  I’ll be talking about Zen Conservatism and Liberty Evangelism.  The full schedule and registration is available right here.

See you in KC.

See Dana's Channel 5 Interview

Go Dana.  How 'bout a little equal time?  Why does the WU prof get 80 percent of the time? DELETED VIDEO EMBED

I detest videos that start automatically.  

You can see the report on KSDK's web site.  Not the best coverage, certainly not fair, but publicity is publicity.  So thanks to Rebecca for visiting with Dana and selecting 7 seconds of the interview to air ahead of 30 minutes of some college professor who wrote a book in his spare time.  (I wrote mine while I was in the Navy.)