THis Is How I’m Voting On November 6

A lot of people want to know how to vote on the ballot measures and major offices in 2 weeks. Here’s how I’m voting, and why. sexy voter

Ballot Measures

YES on Amendment 3: Change to Judge Appointments

Better Courts for Missouri helped promote this measure to arrest the leftward list of appointments. The ballot language is awful, but this amendment is a step in the right direction. From their web site:

Amendment 3 is a package of very modest reforms including: •An additional gubernatorial appointee to the Appellate Judicial Commission, bringing the total to four members of seven. This will allow the people to exercise more accountability through our elected Governor. •The Commission will be required to nominate four people to each panel presented to the Governor, an increase of one over the current three. This will ensure that panels will be harder to package in a way that would favor one particular nominee. •Instead of allowing a sitting Supreme Court judge to play an active role in selecting their colleagues, Amendment 3 would require a retired judge to serve in a non-voting, advisory role. Right now, Missouri is one of only seven states which allow a sitting judge to serve in a voting capacity on the judicial selection commission. •Terms of gubernatorial appointees to the Appellate Judicial Commission will be shortened (to four years) and re-staggered. Under this plan, Governors would get to appoint two commissioners during their first year in office and two more in the third year of their term.

NO on Proposition A: St. Louis Police Board

I’ve already written plenty on this subject. Feel free to read my latest article.

NO on Proposition B: A 760% Cigarette Tax Hike

This proposition puts thousands of Missouri jobs at risk in communities all around our borders – except the border with Illinois. It’s another one of those insane sin taxes intended to both curb a bad habit AND increase revenues. Obviously, it can’t do both. Either it temporarily bloats government, leaving a budget hole when the behavior ends, or it bloats government and the deadly behavior continues.  Just vote no.

YES Proposition E: Stop Jay Nixon From Going Tyrannical With Obamacare

Jay Nixon tried to implement key provisions of Obamacare last year by executive fiat. This Proposition ensures neither he nor any bureaucrat in Missouri every tries that crap again. Here’s more from last week.

State Offices

Governor: Dave Spence.

He will actually govern, as governors should, not vacation for four years the way Jay NIxon has.

Dave Spence knows how business and jobs work—he’s created both. He will get Missourians back to work (with Mitt in the White House).  Vote for Dave Spence for Governor.

Lieutenant Governor: Peter Kinder

Peter Kinder has been done an excellent job as Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor. He fought Obamacare when no other statewide officeholder would. He’s stood for strong conservative principles since his days in the legislature. We need Peter Kinder back in JC.

Attorney General:  Ed Martin Jr.

No matter how much Chris Koster lies, here’s the truth: Ed Martin is an upstanding, intelligent corruption fighter who’s worked for ordinary people his whole adult life.

Ed drove the implementation of Missouri’s fantastic open check register online—a system so transparent that Jay Nixon tried to kill it. Grover Norquist praised the open data as a model for the other 49 states.

Most importantly, with Washington tyranny growing every day, Ed Martin will be our strongest ally in preserving freedoms for our state and its people.  His opponent has done NOTHING to stop Washington’s assault on state sovereignty.  The erosion of freedom ends when Ed Martin takes his oath of office.

If I could only cast a vote in one statewide race, I’d cast it for Ed Martin for Attorney General.

Secretary of State: Shane Schoeller

Leftists, a few year back, mounted a successful strategy of putting hardcore progressives into the office of Secretary of State in states they wanted to flip from Republican to Democrat.  You should read The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado.

The reason Democrats targeted SoS jobs?  Control of elections.

Shane Schoeller is a solid Conservative Republican who will run the state wisely and fairly. He will ensure fair elections, free from fraud. This is a critical race, and we need to win.  After the Attorney General race, this is the most important statewide office election in 2012. Vote for Shane Schoeller for Secretary of State.

Treasurer: Cole McNary

Cole worked to reform education in Missouri as a State Rep, and he’ll keep Missouri's fiscal house in order as Treasurer.

Two men impressed me greatly at a meeting in 2010, when the Tea Party was just kicking off its election year strategy: (now) State Senator John Lamping, and Cole McNary.

Both men had the backbone to discuss issues we disagreed on. Both made strong cases for their side without getting personal, pointed, or belittling. Cole hung around for an hour after the meeting ended to continue the conversation.

Will that make him a great Treasurer? Perhaps, or not. But it tells you that Cole McNary is the kind of guy who will look you in the eye and tell you the truth. We need that.

Federal Offices

US Senate: Todd Akin

Todd Akin received the highest Heritage Action Scorecard rating of any member of the Missouri delegation (82%).  He has been an outstanding representative of MIssouri’s 2nd Congressional District since Jim Talent went onto the Senate.

Todd Akin will promote jobs, energy, fiscal responsibility, peace through strength, and life.

If we don’t elect Todd and win the Senate, Obamacare will be fully implemented.

If Todd Akin isn’t not our next Senator, the Supreme Court, and thousands of lower courts, will flip left.

If you have no other reason to vote for Todd Akin, for this: he will stop another Elena Kagan from reaching the Supreme Court.

If you don’t vote for Todd Akin on November 6, you will take it to your grave.

Second Congressional District: Ann Wagner

I’ve gotten to know Ann over the last year, and I will vote for her with enthusiasm. I will also remind her of the values of the district she represents, and I’ll let her know how she’s doing on the Heritage Action Scorecard.

Ann will help the state and the country recover from four years of Obama’s authoritarian rule. She’ll vote to repeal Obamacare, to increase jobs and energy, and to hold the line on regulations and spending. That’s all I need to know to elect her to represent me in Congress, and, if you live in the 2nd district, I hope you will vote for Ann, too.

Please not that these are my views and do not necessarily reflect the positions of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

What The Pollsters Aren’t Telling You

Polls do influence elections. That’s why people like Nate Silver and some of the writers at Business Insider are doing somersaults over Gallup’s Daily Presidential Tracking numbers.

RealClearPolitics - 2012 Election Maps - Electoral Map

For over a week, Gallup has shown a tidal wave for support for Mitt Romney. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight tried to discredit Gallup by blogging about outlier results it’s shown in past years. Here’s the conclusion Business Insider reached:

Bottom line: Gallup swings wildly and it frequently has results not in line with other pollsters.
Read more:

But here’s what Silver and BI aren’t telling you: Romney’s 7-point lead in Gallup (52-45 as of October 21) is not a wild swing. Not by a long shot.

Instead, Gallup is showing a consistent move toward Romney ever since the first debate. For example, over the past four days, Romney has led by 6, 7, 6, and 7 points.  Before that, he move from 4 points to 6 points over the course of four days.

True, Rasmussen and WSJ/MSLSD show Romney and Obama tied. But that’s not enough to toss out Gallup the way Silver and BI attempt.

Now the reason polls matter is because low-information voters tend to break toward the candidate they think will win. If Romney’s cavernous 7-point lead holds steady, those late deciders will break for Romney. That could result in a landslide.

Combine all this with the latest RCP Electoral Map showing Romney up by 5 in the electoral vote count, and you can understand why liberals will say anything to discredit the polls. 

If We Don’t Flip Some Toss-Up States, Romney, Ryan, and the USA Are Screwed

  Choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate was a great Romney move. Looking ahead, Romney sees movement conservatives working hard right up to the election—even if he or his advisors continues to say stupid things.  That was necessary.


But it wasn’t enough to win the election and unseat America’s first anti-American president.  To do that, we must find a way to win over the selfish middle. (I know, writing things like “selfish middle” doesn’t help, but I hate lying to them.)

RealClearPolitics - 2012 Election Maps - Obama vs. Romney Create Your Own Electoral Map

Here’s the reality: the Electoral College, which once favored Republicans, is now the exclusive property of the DNC.  That’s because “moderates,” who vote for candidates promising to give them stuff, have moved into formerly conservative states.  In the map above, Obama needs only 33 electoral votes to win.

Now, take out all the toss-ups by giving the gray states to the candidate currently with the lead in polls in that state:

RealClearPolitics - 2012 Election Maps - No Toss-Ups

If the election were held today, America would be screwed.

It’s possible, perhaps likely, that Romney could win a sizable popular majority and STILL lose an Electoral landslide.

Here’s what we need to do if we don’t want to be the generation that lost America:

  1. Shore up Romney’s lead in the red states like Missouri
  2. Sweep statewide races in red states like Missouri
  3. Ensure a Republican Congress (both houses)
  4. Adopt a toss-up state to work

Here are the toss-up states (electoral votes):

  • Colorado (9)
  • Florida (29)
  • Iowa (6)
  • Nevada (6)
  • New Hampshire (4)
  • North Carolina (15)
  • Ohio (18)
  • Virginia (13)
  • Wisconsin (10)

By “adopting,” here's what I mean:

  • Choose only ONE state to adopt so you can focus your energy
  • Lobby friends and relatives who live in the state
  • Donate to state candidates in your adopted states hoping they have coattails
  • Comment on newspapers and blogs that focus on your adopted state, even if not directly political
  • Call radio talk shows in your adopted state, using their internet broadcast to listen in
  • Pray

Quite honestly, the Electoral College is stacked heavily against Romney. That means it’s stacked against America’s future, as well.  A landslide for Romney in Missouri won’t help Romney in Florida or Virginia.

Yet we still need to elect Ed Martin, Todd Akin, Shane Scholler, Cole McNary, Peter Kinder and the other Missouri candidates.  We need to elect a solid House delegation. And we need to prevail on statewide and regional referenda.

That’s a lot to do.  And only about 90 days to do it.


You can get involved beginning this Wednesday, August 4, at 4:00 p.m. in Valley Park at the Victory Bus Tour Rally.   All statewide and local candidates will be at the Victory Fieldhouse.  They will making a stop on the Victory Bus Tour and with this being the statewide HQ, it needs to be full!  Please forward this on to everyone you can.

Victory Bus Tour Rally – ALL Statewide and Local Candidates

Wednesday August 15th – 3:45 – 5 pm Victory Fieldhouse 932A Meramec Station Rd Fenton, MO 63088

If you’d like to discuss this further, come out to Sky Music Lounge this Thursday, August 16, at 7:00 pm, for the next St. Louis Tea Party After Party. The scheduled topic is Voter Fraud, but we’ll be talking a lot of election strategy, too.

Finally, I need say this:  in 2012, yelling at people, telling them they’re wrong, won’t work.  Sitting the election out because your favorite candidate didn’t win would be like surrendering to the Soviets.  Your children and grandchildren deserve to live as free men and women.  If we lose freedom now, it won’t come back in their lifetimes.  Winning this election might not keep you from the chains of slavery to government, but losing will weld the shackles shut.


Go Vote in Illinois

Go vote, please.  Please.  Vote now. Don’t Put It Off!! 

Did you know that ObamaCare is my fault? 

Of course, it is.  Read my story below the clock.


I didn’t vote in 2006.  You know why? 

I put it off.

I decided not to stop on my way to work in the morning.  Why? I’ll have plenty of time tonight, I thought. I’ll stop on my way home.

But guess what.

An emergency at work.  I didn’t get out until 6:30. 

I still had time, but it was raining.  And there was major construction on my default path home.  And between the rain and traffic and dark and leaves, two cars collided.

I got to the polling place—drove past it—at 7:18. 

What happened? 

Nancy Pelosi became Speaker.  The economy tanked. Obamacare passed.

Blame it on me.

Just don’t burden yourself with guilt like mine. 

Vote early. Carry out your duty.  Exercise your privilege. 


And vote for Rodger Cook for Congress in IL-12.

Obama’s Surging in the Polls; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Don’t bother blaming it on poll questions designed to lead respondents.  Never mind that it’s a long way until the election. And stop whining about the White House fudging the numbers on unemployment. The fact is that Obama’s surging at just the right time. His re-election chances are now above 50 percent. His chances of winning are near 60 percent. And he’s raising more money than al of the Republican candidates combined.

Election Day Tea Party

Here’s everything you need to know.

Republicans Advertise; Democrats Market:  For decades, conservatives have held marketers in disdain.  They’ve done the same for the fields that support marketing: creative writing, acting, music, art, education, soft sciences, and entertainment.  As a result, fewer and fewer casual voters feel emotionally connected to Republicans.

Unless the GOP figures out how to stop shouting and start connecting, they’ll take a drubbing in November.

Team Obama Will Do Anything to Win: Of course they’ll cheat and break the law. They pretty much tell us so.  That can also work against them. To turn the tide, though, Republicans have to show the cheating, not whine about it.

When Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield's ear, everyone became a Holyfield fan and turned against Tyson. Had Holyfield blamed the bite for every bad thing that happened thereafter, we’d have tired of him very quickly. And if we hadn’t seen the bite in slow motion, we’d never have believed him.

Be patient. Record everything. Show, don’t tell people.  People will the do the right thing.

Commitment Kills Apathy:  (Yes, I’m sort of in this boat myself. Sort of.)  Casual voters take their cues on whom to support from the passionate politics wonks they know. If you’re one of the wonks and you’re showing apathy, you’re sending a strong signal to the causals.  You’re saying, in effect, “Go ahead and vote for Obama; we’ll try again in 2016.”

Two problems with this approach:  first, if your party isn’t ready to field a viable candidate for President every four years, your party should probably disband.  Second, if we give Obama another 4 years, there might not be an election as we know them in 2016.

If you’re still not committed and you’re still not enthused, then buy a ticket for the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party anyway.  Maybe someone there will inspire you.

Of course, you can always just give up and blame someone else.  That’s becoming the new American way.

How You Can Save Religious Freedom in America

When Barack Obama declared that Catholics must either violate their consciences or face government persecution, he wasn’t going after just Catholics.  Nor was he promoting healthcare.

Barack Obama and his myrmidon Kathleen Sebelius tried to erase the First Amendment.  They tried to erase religious freedom.  They tried to take away yet another foundational liberty that made America America.

And they will try again!

Unless you stop them.

But how are you going to stop them alone? 

Well, you are not alone.

On February 24 and 25, you can meet your army and get your training.  You can become a soldier in the war for religious and economic freedom. 

The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party weekend is boot camp for the battle of 2012.  For just $65 for the entire weekend—meals included—you can arm yourself with the latest in political warfare.

Can’t make it both days?  Tickets are available for Friday evening or Saturday, too.

But please sign up now.  We need to know how many soldiers are willing to launch this battle.

If you cannot attend, sponsor someone else to take your place.

Please pray for our mission whether you attend or not.  We need God’s help above all else.

Obama showed us just how far he’s willing to go to eradicate, or at least subdue, religion from the United States. He’s willing to go further. Given another four years and the mandate of re-election, Obama’s change will extinguish hope.

 This is our crusade.  This is our battle. This our prayer.  That we may remain free to worship and live, to work and pray as we think best in pursuit of happiness and a good society.

Generational Change

A man lost in thought is liable to say anything.  Anything at all. 

A guy sitting behind me at a restaurant in Lambert airport began singing along with the background music.  “Burning down the house (do do).” 



November 2, American voters burned down the U.S. House.  Before the vote, estimates ranged from 45 to 70 seats switching from Democrats to Republicans. Burning down the house, indeed.  The final number was 63.

Among the states, the GOP took control of a majority of state legislatures and governorships.  That means that Republicans will determine (with help from interventionist federal judges) how Congressional districts will look for 2012 and beyond.

While Republican U.S. House and Senate candidates are, on average, slightly more conservative than usual, at the state level, candidates skew even further right.  Moreover, the state candidates tend to be young, intelligent, and determined. And the decline of the Democrat party has some of its state legislators jumping over the GOP.

Combined, this could position GOP conservatives to dominate legislative politics in America for a generation or more. Paul Curtman, a Marine who dressed down Senator Claire McCaskill in July 2009 won Missouri’s 105th House seat—a rare feat for a Republican.  Paul is just one of hundreds of highly qualified new faces in government. 

When the Tea Party movement started in February 2009, we said we'd make a difference—quickly if we could, gradually if we must.  While some of us are more patient than others, it seems we might score both short-term and long-term gains in 2010.  That would be a remarkable gift from the Tea Party to America. 

614 Days

Six hundred fourteen days from the first Tea Parties to Election Day.  That’s 307 days in 2009 and 307 in 2010. 

In that time, we’ve met so many people.  We’ve made too many friends. (Psychologists and sociologists and anthropologists believe that a person can manage no more than 150 human relationships, so there is such a thing as too many friends.) Most of us, I’m afraid, have seen friendships end, too.  Some ended because of our politics; some for other reasons.

But we’ve seen stars emerge.  As much as many of us would like to think of ourselves as stars, there are really only  a few: those in the arena.  They’re the stars.  We asked for leaders, and we got them.  We asked for people to go to Washington and Jefferson City and Springfield and to there serve us well.

Some stepped forward.

Today we pay tribute to those who took up the challenge.  We cast our votes.  The wise and patient will ignore petty differences with this candidate or that and elect the best candidate who can win.  And we all know what that means. In some places, it means voting for a so a called third party, like Tom Tancredo of Colorado. But in most places, it’s usually the Republican. 

Tomorrow night, we’ll gather in hotels and Tea Party headquarters and watch the tally.  We’ll cheer most races. We’ll mourn a few, too. 

In the end, we’ll have made the country stronger.  The frayed friendships will, as the passions of election season wane, mend themselves, I think.  We’ll realize how much we’ve accomplished—this odd collection of people called “The Tea Party.” 

It’s been a strange and stressful 614 days, friends.  Thank you for taking me with you. 

Do You Hear The People Sing?

[youtube=]It's been almost two years since we met. At the time, I had no idea where this was going. Or what I was doing.

I still don't know what I'm doing, but we all know where America is headed.

Beginning Tuesday, because of your passionate, tireless efforts, America is returning to the right course to meet the destiny our founders envisioned.

On Tuesday, your vote, joined with millions of others, will turn the country around.  Or at least arrest the dangers drift we've been on.

We will elect national candidates like Ed Martin and Roy Blunt.  We'll replace the pro-Obama Auditor with Tom Schweich.  And we'll elect countless qualified State legislators like Paul Curtman, Gary Fuhr, Brian Nieves, and others.

Join us Tuesday evening for a watch party and celebration at 4512 Hampton Avenue, just south of Hampton Village.  We'll have trolley service to Ed Martin's and Gary Fuhr's celebrations.

Thank you for the most amazing journey of my life.  And thank God it's only the beginning.

Let Some Things Go; Fight For Others

Here’s a passage from a fine roman a clef:

[I]f the worst were to happen and a local armed militia were to descend on me and drive me out as a Jewish alien, their offense mainly would be against the Jew, not against the landowner. And in such a case my concern would be for the U.S. Constitution, not for my investment. The rooms, the rocks, the vegetation had no hold on my vital organs. If I were to lose it, I’d live elsewhere. But if the Constitution, the legal foundation of it all, were to be destroyed, we would return to the primal chaos

-- Saul Bellow, Ravelstein

Saul Bellow and the subject of that wonderful novel, Allen Bloom, are gone.  They these days coming, it seems.  Allen Bloom’s 1987 masterpiece, The Closing of the American Mind, warned the world of the dangers posed by the modern American university.

But did we listen?

In tribute Bellow, a great American writer, and Bloom, a great American philosopher, let’s begin the hard work of turning back our descent into “primal chaos.” 

We have 28 days until the election.

Give just one hour in the next 28 days toward phone banking, lit dropping, or Constitution distributing. Generations will thank you.

Visit 4512 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63109 to get started. 

Time is running out.

Democrats Plan to Punish Voters

Democrats are planning to punish the American people with draconian, destructive legislation during the lame duck session following November’s election, according the Wall Street Journal.

That's why there have been signs in recent weeks that party leaders are planning an ambitious, lame-duck session to muscle through bills in December they don't want to defend before November. Retiring or defeated members of Congress would then be able to vote for sweeping legislation without any fear of voter retaliation.


Cowardly bastards. 

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate committee overseeing labor issues, told the Bill Press radio show in June that "to those who think [card check] is dead, I say think again." He told Mr. Press "we're still trying to maneuver" a way to pass some parts of the bill before the next Congress is sworn in.

In other words, these slimy frauds will retaliate against the people of this country by shoving more corruption down our throats.

If this doesn’t inspire every American to politically kick the teeth down the throat of the Democratic Party, nothing will. Let’s defeat the s.o.b.s so completely they couldn’t get elected dog-catcher in a town their family owns. 

Get on our mailing list now!

Let’s begin with an enormous turnout on August 3 to send a clear message about ObmaCare by voting Yes on Proposition C.

From Labor Day to Election Day, let’s flood Missouri and Southern Illinois with the largest grassroots campaign for patriotic candidates in American history.  While we don’t have funding from billionaires to hire college kids, we have thousands of dedicated American patriots who will tirelessly. 

Put in for vacation November 1, 2, and 3.  Your country will need you to get out the vote the first and second.  And you’ll need to sit back and smile on November 3.

Fight, fight, fight, fight like your children’s lives depend on it.

They’ve strangled Pursuit of Happiness.

They’ve targeted Liberty.

Can Life be far behind?

7 Points on Tea Party Popularity Poll (times 2)

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows a major shift in sentiment toward (against?) the tea party movement. I would not challenge the accuracy of the results which show the tea party’s popularity waning among Southerners and people 18 to 29. In fact, the poll shows that a full 50 percent of Americans now have a negative view of the tea party.

Sure, there may have been some chicanery with the questions to skew the results. But only a true shift in sentiment would result in change this big. After a year of wall-to-wall coverage of “tea party,” I’d expect a downshift.

I think there are several issues here:

1.  Rand Paul’s performance since the primary has been a net negative.  I pointed out on Kudlow the day after Kentucky primary that his candidacy is not a referendum on the tea party movement. Nothing is. But he and some tea partyers insisted on linking the two, and his handling of controversy has been less than spectacular.

2.  In Nevada, Michigan, and elsewhere, leftists have created fake "tea party" parties that have damaged the brand by running Democrats pretending to be tea partyers. The idea is to split the center-right vote to allow the like of Harry Reid back into Congress.

3.  In-fighting among tea partyers has left a foul taste in the mouths of many. This development shouldn’t be a surprise. The tea party movement has no structure or hierarchy to keep order, and it’s filled with people who are new to this arena. We make mistakes, people.  Get over it.

4.  Some disenchanted Republicans who were early tea partyers have returned to the GOP. That doesn’t mean they won’t continue to fight the good fight. It means they’ll do so under a banner they’re more familiar with.

5.  Zealots and purists have splintered off and driven away more pragmatic reformers. We’ve seen this in numerous places across the country.  When the zealots lose, they tend to take their balls and go home. They also tend to turn off the people who just want their country back.

6.  After a year of hearing “tea party, tea party, tea party,” many people are probably just tired of hearing about it.  I am tired of hearing about it. I want to rack up some damn wins and get about fixing the country, and really don’t care what was call the thing that does it.

7.  We're in The Dip

What makes Ensuring Liberty (and similar orgs) so interesting to me is that they allow the tea party passion to yield actual results. The tea party movement is indispensable for its passion and energy and new blood, but 10,000 angry people don't win elections:  10,000 voters do.

So what do you do?  How do you take this passion, this glorious coming together that we’ve experienced since February 27, 2009, and turn it into a wild victory celebration on November 2?  Let’s start with this list:

  1. Invest in an organization that is engineered to win important races AND to hold the new Congress accountable.  I helped launch Ensuring Liberty to do just that, and we need your support to get there.  Please join today.
  2. Take personal responsibility to register everyone in your house to vote. In Missouri, it’s easy.  Just fill out this form and send it to your election board—directions on the back.
  3. Join the St. Louis Tea Party’s Block Captain/Liberty Evangelism project. Give people the power of personal freedom by handing them a Constitution with your email address on it, saying, “Please take this as  gift. Please read it and decide for yourself whether Washington is living up to the promises in those documents.”
  4. Use the buddy system to make sure everyone you recruit votes in the primary (on August 3 in Missouri) and on November 2.  That means you will commit to ensuring one other person gets to the polls, and someone commits to ensuring you get to the polls.  Take ownership of this job.  Let nothing stop you.
  5. Put in for vacation on November 1, 2, and 3.  Do it right now. You will be needed to get out the vote.  Let nothing stop you. (You will still be partying on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., so you might as well not even think about working that day.)
  6. Vote early and get your friends and neighbors who agree with you to vote early.
  7. Every night before you go to bed, write a positive journal entry describing the feeling, the sounds, the news on November 2 and 3.  Describe Ed Martin’s victory speech or Robin Carnahan’s concession.  What will Frank Rich Say?  Paul Krugman?  Maureen Dowd?  Keith Olbermann? Chris Matthews?  Would could be more fun that Matthews describing the “Tea bagger temper tantrum” that overturned Congress?   Write Rush Limbaugh’s opening monologue for November 3.  Who will get Dana Loesch’s cool points?

The name of the movement doesn’t matter. It never did.  Names are symbols.  The name came from the name of an event—a “tea party” held to demonstrate that we’d had enough. That phase is over.  Everyone knows we’ve had enough.  Now it’s time to act.

Rasmussen Poll Shows Dead Head

Rasmussen's presidential tracking poll shows a dead heat between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain (h/t Drudge).  This poll confirms the Newsweek poll showing the two in a statistical dead heat. Moreover, according Rasmussen, McCain enjoys higher favorability ratings than Obama.

Considering that McCain has received little media attention since the last Democrat primary in June, Obama's 15 percentage point drop can only be blamed on Obama's dismal performance as a candidate.  The more people learn about this unknown, affirmative action Senator from Illinois, the less they like him. 

Ed Morrisey notices that the far Left is growing impatient with Obama:

the far Left appears to be people who switched from the Green Party to Democrat because of Barack Obama.  Now some of them have switched back out of disillusion

Morrissey continues with a point that mirrors my own observations:

The transformative veneer has been stripped from Obama, leaving the opportunist exposed for all to see.  Obama may have peaked already.

If Obama continues to faulter--and there's no reason to think he won't--look for Operation Chaos to rise again in Colorado.  Hillary's supporters might be able to throw  the convention open to a delegate fight that will make the final season of the Sopranos look like a kindergarten game of musical chairs.