Astonishing Science: Sun May Cause Global Warming

Unbelievable! Scientists have discovered that the huge, glowing fireball in the sky may affect Earth’s temperature.

The latest evidence comes from . . . the Moon.

Back when we used to send astronauts to the Moon, we placed some temperature sensors on the Moon’s surface.  We still monitor those sensors. 

Guess what they show.  Yep, you’re right!  As temperatures rose on Earth, temperatures rose on the Moon.


Watts Up With That has all the details.

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit found scientists who issued a crop warning because of an anticipated plunge in Earth’s temp, at least in North America.

Even More Bad News for Enviro-wacks

NASA was wrong! Michelle Malkin does an outstanding job of breaking down the NASA Y2K error that sort of invented global warming.

In short, 1998 was NOT the hottest year of the 20th century. And half of the hottest years on record occured before WWII. Al Gore is an idiot, and now NASA scientists have proven it.

Earlier this week, the wackos got bad news from U of C San Diego and NASA who discovered that aerosols do not mask atmospheric warming but accelerate it. Now, we learn this from NASA:

Four of the top ten are in the 1930’s, before mainstream scientists believe humans had any discernible impact on temperatures.

So, if you believe human activity is responsible for global warming YOU'RE WRONG!

If you believe 8 of the hottest 10 years on record happened in the past 14 years, as Al Gore claims, YOU'RE WRONG!

If you believe that you lived through the hottest year on record, YOU'RE WRONG!

Good Lord, it feels good to tell enviro-wackos they're wrong.

But, there's more . . .

Several years (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004) fell well down the leaderboard, behind even 1900. (World rankings of temperature are calculated separately.)

In fact, the only thing that Al Gore is right about is churning out more carbon than the average family of 60.

I'm setting the AC down to 68 degrees tonight. Pleasant dreams.

Michael Laprrarie links the Brown Cloud to Newsweek's 1975 climate problem story: Global Cooling.

UPDATE:  I found the global warming alarmist epicenter.  Proceed with caution.

UPDATE: AP story on several endangered species making comeback, plus deforestation slowing in Peru. Must be global warming.

Where's All The Hurricanes?

Al Gore said this would be the worst year for hurricanes since hurricaning began, in 1952. Matt Margolis, who does great research, has the answer.

The 2007 hurricane season may be less severe than forecast due to cooler-than-expected water temperatures in the tropical Atlantic, private forecaster WSI Corp said on Tuesday.

Just not enough global warming.  The Gores'll have to kick out a lot more CO2 in 2008.  See Matt's piece for the whole story.