Kansas: Point of No Return

Tuesday in Kansas, President Barack Obama revealed his contempt for liberty. He declared that human beings are incapable of running their own lives . . . but, somehow, other, superior human beings are capable of running their own and others’.

He said that free markets have always failed, everywhere . . . ignoring most of the last 240 years. 

He all but declared himself a Marxist.

I am depressed that America let this dangerous man into our government.

There are so many things to be done. So many.

But our president hates this country.  His speech on Tuesday was a point of no return for him and for us. We are the only people who can fix it.

Let’s clear our plates and our minds.  We have 11 months until the most important presidential election of our lives.

Let’s not blow it.

UMSL: Communist Recruiting With Taxpayer Dollars

The University of Missouri St. Louis uses tax dollars to provide a recruiting station for the Communist Party USA—an organization whose purpose is to shred the United States Constitution. UMSL Student Philip Christofanelli heroically chronicles the remarkable Marxist indoctrination known as “Introduction to Labor Studies” on BigGovernment.com.  I’ll give you a taste:

Prof. Giljum then introduced Tony Pecinovsky, a local organizer for the Communist Party, who proceeded to speak to us for two hours about the beliefs of the Communist Party and the benefits of membership.  That’s right–the Communist Party was allowed two hours of publicly subsidized class time to recruit. Thank you, Missouri taxpayers!

We’ve listened to the lies of UMSL and UMKC Provosts Glen Hahn and Gail Hackett for two weeks as they tried to defend the Marxist indoc camps they run with your money.


We’re read Tim Baker’s pack of lies in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Baker employed the subtle lie of “academic freedom,” treating that age-old communist tool as if it were on the tablets God gave Moses. (Read God and Man at Yale by William F. Buckley Jr. for more on academic freedom.)


We’ve listened to the whining lies of Don Giljum, the violent sabotage guru whose primary mission in the Labor Studies class seems to be destruction of the American economy.  The same Don Giljum who launched an unprovoked violent attack on Adam Sharp only to be coddled by UMSL Provost Glen Hahn who seized the evidence in the case.


It’s time for Hahn, Hackett, and Ancel to resign or be fired.

It’s time the Missouri Legislature to stand up to communist indoctrination in the state university system. Where the hell are you, Steve Tilley?

It’s time to reform the U of M system or end public funding.

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How to Answer Chavez

Communist dictator Hugo Chavez has has stolen eleven oil rigs owned by the American company Helmerich and Payne. As Reuters points out, Chavez has now nationalized oil, telecommunications (including news), power, steel, and banking.

If you’re keeping score, Chavez leads Obama 5-3, as Obama so far has managed to seize only banking, automotive, and healthcare. But Obama has vowed a comeback.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of cutting and splitting some oak and hickory with a friend.  His “What Would Reagan Do” answer to the question of foreign governments seizing American property?



Obama To Control Banks Permanently

The Obama administration has no intention of relinquishing dictatorial control of the banks according to financial expert Stuart Varney. 

The government wants to control the banks, just as it now controls GM and Chrysler, and will surely control the health industry in the not-too-distant future. Keeping them TARP-stuffed is the key to control. And for this intensely political president, mere influence is not enough. The White House wants to tell 'em what to do. Control. Direct. Command.

While naive school children and their communist professors will respond, "Oh, he's just managing a crisis caused by the last administration," any intelligent student of communist history knows that Obama is following Marxist strategy to the "T."  

  • Create a crisis 
  • Position yourself as savior
  • Force surrender of power
  • Threaten to unleash populist violence
  • Marginalize enemies
  • Repeat until the will of the people is broken

If you think Obama represents run-of-the-mill Democrat liberalism, think again.  Our president is as Marxist as Lenin, Castro, or Mao.  His tactics will become increasingly threatening and violent as we continue to surrender power to him. 

Last week, Obama threatened bank executives with mob brutality:

“My administration,” the president added, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”…

In other words, Obama admitted that he controls the thugs and criminals who have been threatening AIG executives.  He intentionally leaked this story to us, the people, so that we know better than to resist his control.  

Too bad.  I resist his control.

Barack Obama is a Marxist thug.  He's setting up a confrontation with the American people and 230+ years of liberty. Be prepared for battle.  Don't allow this pantywaste punk to intimidate you.  It sounds like Varney has already thrown in the towel:

After 35 years in America, I never thought I would see this. I still can't quite believe we will sit by as this crisis is used to hand control of our economy over to government. But here we are, on the brink. Clearly, I have been naive.