St. Louis Police Department Is Crumbling, But You Can Vote to Save It

You get the feeling that Rex Sinquefield holds a grudge against his home state, and he’s using some of his fortune to punish us. Rex gave a quarter million dollars to Obama’s Lawyer, Chris Koster. But that wasn’t his first assault on us. Rex’s war against the St. Louis Police Department is older and far more bitter.

Rex wants to force the state to surrender the Board of Police Commissioners for St. Louis. He wants his pal and financial ward, Mayor Francis Slay, to control the police department, and its pension fund, just as Slay and his cronies control the hapless St. Louis Fire Department.

Under the plan Rex has financed, Slay would control the police board exclusively. Police officers would no longer be open to those with a passion for law enforcement and order.  Instead, Slay would use police positions as rewards and promotions for other city workers.

Already, the city police department is losing top-flight officers to the county and other jurisdictions, according to veteran sources in the St. Louis Police Department.

“The young guys know the pension fund is all but gone. Slay will raid it just like he raids the firemen’s.” Rex's pet issue is to blame.

On November 6, Missourians have a chance to protect the police officers who protect citizens of and visitors to St. Louis. I beg you to VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION A on November 6. 

If you want a safe St. Louis, vote NO on Proposition A.

In case I wasn’t clear, please vote NO on Proposition A.

And tell your friends.

*UPDATE* More on Prop A by Gary Weigert, a 32-year veteran of STLPD.

MORE: St. Louis Police Chief Isom announced his retirement. He's one of the youngest chiefs to retire, and after only 5 years. Guess he wants to grab his pension while it's still there.

St. Louis County Votes

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6, is Election Day in St. Louis County.  In some places, especially throughout South County, the only measure on the ballot is Proposition A: a sales tax increase.

Prop A’s backers—principally County Exec Charlie Dooley and Chesterfield Mayor John Nations—claim this tax increase of up to $650 per family will allow Metro to grow. You know otherwise.

  • Dooley and Nations cannot point to a specific plan.  They point to four. 
  • They cannot tell you how much any of the four plans costs.  They tell you, “a lot more than we’ve got.” 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will cover the cost of expansion. It will not. 
  • They cannot tell you Proposition A won’t pay for the sins of the past. It will. 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will be enough to run Metro for five years without another tax increase.  It won’t. 
  • They cannot tell you that Proposition A will make lives of the poor and disabled better.  It won’t
  • Dooley and Nations cannot give you one positive reason to raise your taxes. They can only give excuses.

In short, Proposition A is just another progressive strategy for taking your money and giving it to politicians to spent.

Vote No on Proposition A on Tuesday, April 6. No excuses.