Why Tea Party?

A college student asked me a question:  Why join the Tea Party? stltpc-image

He was wondering why anyone would want to associate with people who behaved reprehensibly at two earlier Republican debates.

Here’s how I replied:


Sorry that I'm just getting to this.  I get a lot of email, and sometimes I miss things.

I organized the tea party in St. Louis in 2009. I did so because I've seen that governments accumulate power until they crush liberty and freedom. Governments use every means to increase their power over the people.  Most recently, it's been debt.  

Did you know that you owe about $50,000 in federal debt--in addition to all other debts and taxes? You.  If you get married, you'll have a combined $100,000.  

You'll pay that debt in one of three ways:  taxes, inflation, or reduced income.  Either way, you have no chance of out-earning me if you follow my exact career path and work just as hard.  

But that's just money. What about life and liberty?  

No weak government ever committed a holocaust.  But powerful governments do it all the time.  The Nazis.  The Soviets.  Pol Pot.  Ho Chi Minh. Mao.  Castro.  

Talk to someone who fled one of those regimes.  Learn what happens when all the power, all the police forces, all the taxing and permits and borrowing and judging accumulate to a small group of people.

Hell is what happens.  

Show me what happens when good people, people of character, are free to live their own lives. 


Were there idiots at those debates?  Sure.  Then again, look at the idiots at OWS encampments, defecating on police cars and raping women. Put 100 people in a room and 5 will lack the ability to form human bonds.  

Do we need police and anti-trust laws and other regulations?  Of course. But we also need a constant and vigorous defense of our liberty. 

That's why I called for a Tea Party in February 2009, and that's why I hope you'll join our little band in St. Louis. We stand on guard for your liberty.  And that's one of hell of an important job. 

Here's some other people's views on Why I Tea Party


Bill Hennessy

Why do you tea party?

Obama Insults Americans . . . Again

obamasnob[1] An arrogant and distracted Barack Obama appeared at a press conference for the G20 Summit today. His purpose: to insult, threaten, and cajole the American people from an international stage.

I'm doing it because I said I was going to do it and I think it's the right thing to do. People should learn that lesson about me because next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step-up because I'm calling their bluff. We'll see how much of that, how much of the political arguments that they're making right now are real and how much of it was just politics.

This childish behavior reminds me of a very young manager who is unfamiliar with the subtleties of working through others.  We all know the jokes about Second Lieutenants and Ensigns whose troops despise them. Unfit managers become tyrants, stealing the credit, passing the blame, and publicly humiliating instead of leading.

I have worked for such cretins.  They always fail, though they often last longer than expected. Many people will put up with a tyrant a long time before someone stands up.

Standing up is what the tea party movement has been doing since Feburary 27, 2009.  We’re the American people the president threatened today from Toronto. 

Remarkably, Obama is threatening to use the trillions of debts he generated to punish Americans.  He spoke in dictatorial terms, like Chavez or Mussolini, warning his countrymen to fear his wrath.

For those who believe Obama has no ill-will for the USA, let this be your wake-up call

Getting back to the implied antecedent in “I said I was going to do it.”  The “it” is clearly taking on massive government debt. In November, his party could lose control of Congress. So his strategy is clearly to induce economic collapse in 2011, blame it on the “bourgeoisie” Republicans, and hope the American people will give Obama even more dictatorial power in 2012. 

That’s the game, kids. Do you want a dictator?

Days of Free Markets Numbered

destruction1The statists are moving faster through the Constitution than Hitler moved through France.  Today, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to advance a bill to socialize medicine without debate.

House Democrats went on record again in favor of advancing the legislation while allowing only limited debate, which would hobble the ability of Republicans to wrest concessions on one of Obama's top domestic priorities.

Accelerating the Banana Republic

In the past week, the administration has encouraged political prosecution of former Bush administration officials, has opened the possibility of prosecuting CIA agents, has submitted legislation to give him sole authority over the Internet in the United States, and has released sensitive National Security documents to give terrorists an upper hand.

While the Tea Party movement concentrates on limited government and fiscal responsibility, the establishment of a Central American-style dictatorship in the United States cannot be ignored.  It's clear that Obama intends to secure powers similar to Hugo Chavez's and the Castros'.  By the 2010 election, Obama could own all major US banks, the auto industry, the healthcare field, most major newspapers, and, effectively, the Internet.  His opposition will be unable to fund a campaign or communicate with potential supporters.

In the meantime, Obama continues to undo free markets.  He has refused repayment of TARP funds from solvent banks in order to maintain control.  He has threatened to convert those debts into common stock, making his regime the dominant shareholder.  He has fired General Motors' board and CEO, replacing them with puppets.  He has imposed salary limits on executives of bailed-out companies and has threatened to extend those limits to all businesses.

Most cruel joke of all, however, has been played by Hitler & Co. on those German capitalists and small businessmen who once backed National Socialism as a means of saving Germany's bourgeois economic structure from radicalism. The Nazi credo that the individual belongs to the state also applies to business. Some businesses have been confiscated outright, on other what amounts to a capital tax has been levied. Profits have been strictly controlled. Some idea of the increasing Governmental control and interference in business could be deduced from the fact that 80% of all building and 50% of all industrial orders in Germany originated last year with the Government. Hard-pressed for food- stuffs as well as funds, the Nazi regime has taken over large estates and in many instances collectivized agriculture, a procedure fundamentally similar to Russian Communism.  [Emphases mine.] (Time, 1938)

Substitute "Obama" for "Hitler" and "United States" for "Germany," and you have a pretty good idea what we're headed toward.  The article explains why Hitler progressively siezed businesses and industries:  he needed them to for his massive social programs.  Hitler built a mighty military, true.  He also provided healthcare, food, housing, clothing, and work to every German, Austrian, and Czech.

Hitler created quite a national youth service program, too.  It gave young poor kids hope.  They wore uniforms and learned skills like picking up trash, marching, throwing granades, and spotting Jews.

Stay Involved

To combat statism, remain active in the Tea Party movement.  Print and save important information you find on the Internet.   Stay connected with the people you met on the Riverfront or Kiener Plaza.

The American Revolution did not end when Cornwallis withdrew.  It rages on against tyranny and despotism.  It was waned, gone soft, in the affluence of its success.  But the revolution is now in the gravest dangerous since the Republic launched.  History will record your contribution.  Make your posterity proud.

Flood the House Switchboard

Don't call just YOUR Representative.  Call 5 on Thursday, April 23.  Call early.  Lock up the switchboards.  Let them know that we surround them.