Robert Rubin's Days Are Numbered

Robert Rubin was a key player in keeping Enron afloat while he and his cronies fleeced billions from employees and investors.

Robert Rubin abandoned the Clinton administration when a recession was unavoidable.  His relief was his protege, Larry Summers.

Robert Rubin talked the Citigroup board into investing in extremely high-risk mortgage-backed securities.  He also showed the bank how to carry those risks off the books--exactly the way he showed Enron how to do it.

Robert Rubin negotiated the Fed's bailout of Citi even as the government refused to help the auto makers. 

Robin Rubin installed Larry Summers on Obama's economic council in order to avoid prosecution as the kingpin of Citi's downfall, which should have resulted in Fed takeover and receivership.

If you want to know who's responsible for the economic meltdown, you've read them all here:

  • Franklin Raines
  • James Johnson
  • Jamie Gorelick
  • Robert Rubin
  • Lawrence Summers
  • Christopher Dodd
  • Barney Frank
  • Lacy Clay
  • Maxine Watters

There's your list.   These are the men and women who brought you to brink of a Great Depression.  And now the criminal, slimy thief Robert Rubin is whining and lying to the Wall Street Journal

Still, Mr. Rubin was deeply involved in a decision in late 2004 and early 2005 to take on more risk to boost flagging profit growth, according to people familiar with the discussions. They say he would comment that Citigroup's competitors were taking more risks, leading to higher profits. Colleagues deferred to him, as the only board member with experience as a trader or risk manager. "I knew what a CDO was," Mr. Rubin said, referring to collateralized debt obligations, instruments tied to mortgages and other debt that led to many of Citigroup's losses.

Disgusting. Yet Rubin is the odd-man out and could be the fall guy for the economic collapse.  Unlike the others listed, Rubin remains outside of Obama's inner circle.  He's a Goldman Sachs guy, which is not a popular thing to be these days. 

Look for some federal prosecutor to make a name for himself by indicting Rubin.

They Kept Shopping

alg_walmart_police Say you're the CEO of Wal-Mart.  You get a report from your store in Valley Stream, NJ, that one of your employees was trampled to death by your customers who broke down the doors to get at your Black Friday specials before anyone else.  In the chaos, a customer, 8-months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage. 

How would you respond?

Suppose you were the police who responded?  How would you handle the situation in which the crowd, gripped by throes of a shopping frenzy refused to allow first responders to attempt to save the man's life?  Not that they had anything against 43-year-old Jdimytai Damour, the victim; it's just that he picked a really inconvenient spot to die.

Perhaps you'd have closed that store and all other Wal-Marts in the US immediately.  Pay the employees, but close the doors for the weekend.  Forget Black Friday and its narrow margins and high volumes.

Perhaps you'd announced the end to Black Friday panic sales.   Go back to your everyday low price policy. 

Perhaps you'd do nothing.  After all, the customers want super cheap bargains, and the customer is king.

Suppose you're the police.  Maybe you'd handle this situation like a riot, seal the store, and process every customer inside as a participant in manslaughter. 

With all the talk of an end to excess consumption, this sad story indicates something else entirely.  It indicates that many Americans are so obsessed by consumption that they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. 

"When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling, 'I've been on line since Friday morning!'" Cribbs said. "They kept shopping." [source]

Ed Morrissey points out that this murderous mayhem occurred in preparation for the coming of Christ

This Christmas, let's take Seth Godin's advice:  shop small, shop quality, shop local, shop handmade.  Let's be satisfied with a single gift instead of measuring our happiness by the number of packages we open.  If you can't bring yourself to do this the name of God, perhaps you can do it in the name of Jdimytai Damour.  Or of the unborn baby--less than one month from birth--who gave his life so that someone could get an HDTV for 30 percent off the already low, low price. 

Merry Christmas

Hundreds of people trampled others to death so that they could get to cheap retail goods the fastest — presumably to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. . . .At some point, that horrible irony should cause people to pause and think about what motivates them in this holiday season.

Amen to that, Ed.  While I have no eagerness to live through an economic Great Depression, I think we need it.  If 30 percent discounts on HDTV are more important than living, why would those people want to live? 


Another Liberal Liar

Black Five has the story of cowardly, pussy, scum who's pretending to be a military hero.  I know his kind of talk is frowned upon, but Charlie W. Williams should be taken out and shot.  The best we can hope for in our wimpy society is for a Marine to beat the living hell out of him.  The fact that he's an old man makes no difference:  you pretend to be a war hero for political purposes, you get whatever comes to you.  Whatever whatsoever. 

Then, again, liberalism judges heroics by the costumes.

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Obama's $26 Million Fannie Mae Be-atch

Her name is Jamie Gorelick.  She was the principal architect of Al Qaeda's ability to plan and execute the 9-11 attacks under US intel's radar.  She took $26 Million in six years from Fannie Mae by ordering accountants and internal auditors to falsify records and forge documents so ensure that she, Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines, and other Democrat executives at Fannie received maximum bonuses.

Lehman Brothers collapse is traced back to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two big mortgage banks that got a federal bailout a few weeks ago.

Fannie and Freddie have also been places for big Washington Democrats to go to work in the semi-private sector and pocket millions. The Clinton administration's White House Budget Director Franklin Raines ran Fannie and collected $50 million. Jamie Gorelick — Clinton Justice Department official — worked for Fannie and took home $26 million. Big Democrat Jim Johnson, recently on Obama's VP search committee, has hauled in millions from his Fannie Mae CEO job.

Jamie Gorelick is considered the front runner for Attorney General should Barack Obama win.  She needs that job to keep herself out of prison. 

The Virginia Patriot exposes the scam that Obama's chief legal and economic advisors ran at Fannie Mae--the scam that, according to Obama, has brought the world to the brink a great economic depression:

This flexibility also gave Fannie the ability to manipulate earnings to hit — within pennies — target numbers for executive bonuses. Ofheo details an example from 1998, the year the Russian financial crisis sent interest rates tumbling. Lower rates caused a lot of mortgage holders to prepay their existing home mortgages. And Fannie was suddenly facing an estimated expense of $400 million.

Well, in its wisdom, Fannie decided to recognize only $200 million [of losses], deferring the other half. That allowed Fannie’s executives — whose bonus plan is linked to earnings-per-share — to meet the target for maximum bonus payouts. The target EPS for maximum payout was $3.23 and Fannie reported exactly . . . $3.2309. This bull’s-eye was worth $1.932 million to then-CEO James Johnson, $1.19 million to then-CEO-designate Franklin Raines, and $779,625 to then-Vice Chairman Jamie Gorelick.

As for other losses, they were routinely mischaracterized so that they could be amortized over years, not realized fully as they were supposed to be. By this method, the Fannie Mae management siphoned off millions of dollars in excess compensation to top management, including Gorelick. [source]

When he ran for president in 1996, Pat Buchanan spoke of "peasants with pitchforks" demanding retribution for the excesses of American power merchants like Gorelick, Raines, and Johnson, and their customers like Barack Obama. 

Some will argue that Gorelick, Raines, and Johnson were not criminals, but mere incompetents.  Okay, then who appointed such idiots?  How did they get jobs so powerful that they could destroy the US economy? 

I don't buy the idiot argument.  Gorelick is a master manipulator who got herself appointed to the 9-11 Commission so she could cover her lethal tracks.  She as similarly positioned herself to become AG so she can prosecute the innocent, protecting herself and her enablers in the Democrat party, including Barack Obama, the veritable Senate slave purchased for $42,000 a year.  (BTW, Obama was the most expensive Congressman Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchased viewed from a cost-per-year perspective.)

According to, Gorelick was also a kingpin in the Countrywide-Fannie Mae-Democrat money laundering operation that contributed to the current crisis:

Countrywide Financial Corp., the biggest U.S. mortgage lender, made large, previously undisclosed home loans to two additional executives of Fannie Mae, the government-chartered firm at the center of the U.S. credit crisis.

One of Countrywide's previously undisclosed customers at Fannie was Jamie Gorelick, an influential Democratic Party figure whose $960,000 mortgage refinancing in 2003 was handled through a program reserved for influential figures and friends of Countrywide's chief executive at the time, Angelo Mozilo. Ms. Gorelick was Fannie Mae's vice chairman at the time.

The Fannie loans -- including a series of already reported preferential loans to former Fannie chief executives James Johnson and Franklin Raines -- underscore the close connections between Countrywide and Fannie Mae and raise potential conflict-of-interest issues.

Here is breakdown of those preferential loans from the Wall Street Journal:

In 2002, Gorelick defended Fannie Mae and attacked Republicans for threatening investigations into FNMA in light of Enron's downfall. From BusinessWeek:

In the wake of the Enron disaster, Federal National Mortgage Assn. (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac), the federally chartered mortgage banks that experienced explosive growth in 2001, have come under increased scrutiny. Once again, Republicans in Congress are threatening to conduct an investigation into the activities of the two -- No. 7 and No. 2, respectively, on this year's BusinessWeek 50 list of top performers -- some say in hopes of revoking the portions of the Fannie and Freddie charters that gives an implicit government guarantee to their borrowing.

Gorelick's select responses:

We believe we are managed safely. We are very pleased that Moody's gave us an A-minus in the area of bank financial strength -- without a reference to the government in any way. Fannie Mae is among the handful of top-quality institutions.  Also, we are very highly regulated. We have auditors. We have examiners here on premises every day. And we have consistently exceeded every standard that the examiners have set for us.

Of course--except that Democrats in Congress accused those regulators of racism for even looking at Fannie Mae's books.  Regulations do no good of regulators aren't allowed to report their results. 

We are very well protected against credit losses, which fell to their lowest level in a generation -- since 1983 -- last year. They went from four basis points [0.04%] down to under one basis point [0.01%] of our outstanding portfolio. We believe that while credit losses may rise somewhat in the aftermath of the recession, they are likely to remain quite low in 2002.

We now know that all of the numbers Gorelick cited were lies--manipulations to maximize her bonuses. 

Well, our business is backed by homes with a considerable amount of equity. When I tell people that our portfolio consists of homes with an average equity exceeding 40% of market value, they are astonished.

I bet they were astonished, particularly since we now know that Gorelick was inventing these numbers from whole cloth.  Anyone who knew her business would have been astonished.

We also follow the trends in credit. We follow all the macroeconomic indicators to most effectively manage credit losses. So we're pretty confident that we should do fine. Obviously we don't have a crystal ball here, but we are basing our projections, which have been pretty accurate over the years, on the numbers we currently have available to us.

Whatever.  Criminal or criminally incompetent, Gorelick has no business walking the streets a free woman, much less as chief law enforcement officer in the free world. 

Perhaps when families are living in "Obamavilles" that used to be city parks, the American people will finally grab their pitchforks and descend upon the White House and Capitol. 

Two years later, Franklin Raines resigned in disgrace and agreed to give back his worthless stock options.  His bought-and-paid-for Democrats in Congress ensured neither he nor Gorelick would see jail time because of their blatant fraud at Fannie Mae.  Nor was either miscreant required to return the millions they stole from tax payers.  Nor are they on the hook for the $200,000,000,000 in bailouts directly to Fannie and Freddie nor the $700,000,000,000 in bailouts to the rest of the mortgage industry they destroyed.

Why Aren't These Democrats In Prison?


Barney Frank (D-MA)

Chris Dodd (D-CT)

Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Lacy Clay (D-MO)

Gregory Meeks (D-GA)

Charles Rangel (D-NY)

These Democrats were the most vicious in attacking Republicans who tried to stop the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2003-2006.  These criminal Congressmen accused anyone of challenging the soundness and safety of Fannie and Freddie of racism. "The political lynching of Franklin Raines," was was Lacy Clay of Missouri called an auditor's report on Fannie Mae.

These Democrats, who personally profited from the abuses, caused the $200 billion Fannie/Freddie bailout in July.  They caused the $850 billion bailout of October 3.  They placed the future of our country at risk for their own personal gain.

Why are the not in jail?  Is it because Dodd is powerful?  Because Frank is gay?  Because Meeks, Water, Clay, Obama, and Rangel are black?

Of course it is.  And in this country liberals, gays, and blacks are above the law.

Read The Dems Race Card Attacks on Fannie Mae Regulators

In 2004, John McCain cosponsored legislation to clean up the criminal fraud of Obama advisor Franklin Raines's Fannie Mae.  The WSJ has a round up of key Democrats defending Raines's fraud, calling the regulators and auditors liars, and telling McCain to stuff his reforms where sun shineth not.  [youtube] Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.): I worry, frankly, that there's a tension here. The more people, in my judgment, exaggerate a threat of safety and soundness, the more people conjure up the possibility of serious financial losses to the Treasury, which I do not see. I think we see entities that are fundamentally sound financially and withstand some of the disaster scenarios. . . .


House Financial Services Committee hearing, Sept. 25, 2003:

Rep. Frank: I do think I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness that we have in OCC [Office of the Comptroller of the Currency] and OTS [Office of Thrift Supervision]. I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing. . . .


Rep. Waters: However, I have sat through nearly a dozen hearings where, frankly, we were trying to fix something that wasn't broke. Housing is the economic engine of our economy, and in no community does this engine need to work more than in mine. With last week's hurricane and the drain on the economy from the war in Iraq, we should do no harm to these GSEs. We should be enhancing regulation, not making fundamental change.


Mr. Chairman, we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac, and in particular at Fannie Mae, under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Frank Raines. Everything in the 1992 act has worked just fine. In fact, the GSEs have exceeded their housing goals. . . .

Bastards all.  Dirty, thieving bastards.  Barney Frank should be in prison.  He should not be allowed to speak or vote on this issue.  The people of his district in Boston should be ashamed of the $700 billion he helped heap on the back of taxpayers.  

And the biggest per annum recipient of these crimes was Barack Obama.  Here is a breakdown of the top recipients of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac kickbacks by annual receipts:


Average Fannie/Freddie Donations by Years in Congress

What did the Republican have to say?  

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R., Neb.):

Mr. Chairman, what we're dealing with is an astounding failure of management and board responsibility, driven clearly by self interest and greed. And when we reference this issue in the context of -- the best we can say is, "It's no Enron." Now, that's a hell of a high standard.

Well, we can no longer say "It's no Enron," can we?  Franklin Raines makes Kenneth Lay look like Mother Teresa.

Thief Jim Johnson Still Obama's Economic Advisor

On the night that the President of the United States described America's current economic condition in terms reminiscent of the Great Depression comes word from Ben Smith at Politico that one of the chief architects of the next depression, Countrywide and Fannie Mae thief James Johnson, is advising Barack Obama on how to proceed on this crisis.

Smith quotes former Senator Tom Daschle:

Jim Johnson and I have scheduled another informal breakfast discussion and update on the campaign early next month.

Taking the advice of a disgraced national criminal like Johnson, and doing so with no shame or attempt at concealment, demonstrates the maddening hubris of Barack Obama.  It's one of the many factors that make the man truly hate-able.  More hate-able than Bill Clinton ever was.

There's no doubt as to why Obama must work with Johnson:  Johnson, Franklin Raines, and their minions at Fannie Mae and Countrywide have given money to Obama at historic rates.  Few politicians of any party have received so much cash in so short a time from so small a cadre as Obama's received from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac personnel:  $42,000 a year since Obama's entered the Senate.  By contrast, the second-place bribe-taker, Hillary Clinton, has received $10,000 a year. 


From the

Mercury News:

Barack Obama made the calamity on Wall Street the central theme of his case against John McCain on Saturday, invoking the crisis to pound his rival on Social Security, health care and government reform.

Let me get this straight:  The highest-paid Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac politician on the planet wants to blame the financial crisis on the only politician whom Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were unable to bribe

Obama needs a swift kick to the groin.

I won't let this rest:  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid Barack Obama 4 times as much as any other member of Congress.  Obama is their bitch. 

Obama did $42,116.33 a year worth of bidding for the people who brought on the financial crisis.  Don't let him forget it. 

Jay Tea, lifelong Democrat, has turned away from Obama.  Every open-minded Democrat should find out why.  Congratulation, Jay, and kudos for your candor and spine.

I Guess I'm a Racist

Time magazine's Karen Tumulty says that criticizing Franklin Raines--the heart and soul of our current economic near-meltdown--is racism because . . . Raines is black. Therefore, criticizing any black is racism.

I've criticized and accused Franklin Raines brutally in the past two weeks, so I must be a regular David Dukes. 

Perhaps Karen Tumulty needs to change her meds.

Readers may not believe this, but I didn't realize Raines was black until after I'd posted the second of my blog posts linking to Obama to Raines and Johnson and others responsible for the housing bubble and meltdown.  Not that I'd have done anything differently.  But until Obama's candidacy, we were living something like a post-racial period.  It was wackos like Tumulty who reinvigorated race in American politics--not Obama's candidacy and not the right.  It was the people who make a fortune fomenting racial hatred.  And they should be driven out on rail.


Obama The Property of Freddie/Fannie Crooks

Surprise, surprise.  It turns out that the criminals who used Freddie Mac and Frannie Mae as a slush fund for influence purchasing and pocket-lining own Barack Obama, part and parcel.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Sen. Obama has received $105,849 from donors tied to the companies since he ran for the senate four years ago, making him the third-largest recipient in Congress among the top 25 listed in a recent report by the Center for Responsive Politics, which examined contributions dating to 1989.

Obama's liars in the media will immediately claim McCain, too, has his hand their pockets.  They'll be lying, though, so know the fact:

Sen. McCain wasn't listed in the report, and proponents of overhaul say lobbyists have tried unsuccessfully to win him over.

"There were quite a few lobbyists retained by Fannie and Freddie who tried to influence Sen. McCain, but they never were able to get their hooks into him," said Anne Canfield, who heads the Consumer Mortgage Coalition, a lending trade group that has advocated for overhaul of the government-sponsored enterprises.

McCain the Reformer!

You won't hear about this in the news, so read carefully.

For 20 years, the Democrats in Congress have used Freddie and Fannie as a campaign and perquisite slush fund.  The scam, which will cost tax payers $200,000,000,000, worked like this:


This cycle of corruption, influence peddling, sweetheart deals, and bank failures ends up costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars directly.  It also has plunged the economy to the brink of recession.

This is how Barack Obama operates.  He is at the very top of this quasi-legal racket.  He wants to raise your taxes to help pay for this scam that came unraveled when his predatory lender buddies realized that people making $80,000 a year couldn't pay a $400,000 balloon note on a $250,000 property.

Barack Obama's leading economic advisor--Franklin Raines--is a disgraced and corrupt former CEO of Fannie Mae who was forced to resign over accounting scandals.  Raines--like Obama's business partner and convicted slumlord Tony Rezko--is the sort of scoundrel Obama will populate the White House with if elected.

Peace-Loving Libs Attempt to Kill Republicans in Minnesota *UPDATE*

Not an exaggeration.  Gateway Pundit was an intended target as leftist protestors hurled sacks of rocks and cement on speeding busses of GOP delegates, media, and participants.  The leftards stood on overpasses above an interstate highway and dropped the sacks on passing busses. A few years back in St. Louis, a woman--recent emigrant from Russia--was killed by a rock dropped from an overpass over I-64 as she returned home from work late one evening.  A heavy object dropped onto a fast-moving vehicle is reasonably expected to cause death or great bodily harm.  Therefore, everyone who dropped a sack, helped drop sacks, spotted, encouraged, or failed to stop or to warn authorities is guilty of attempted murder.  Will they be charged?

They better be.  The best way to stop this nonsense is not deterrence but incarceration.  They can't reach the bridges from a penitentiary.

Expectedly, the MSM ignore the story.

*UPDATE* 80-year-old man injured.  Maybe we need some conservative counter-protesters who know their way around a hockey stick.

**UPDATE** Powerline reports that a busload of Cub Scouts also came under attack.  The police should have shot the sons-of-bitches on the spot.

Death Penalty for San Francisco Mayor

Danielle Bologna's trembles like an injured child's when she approaches the word, "widow." 

"I never thought I'd used that word about myself," she recently told an interviewer.

Bologna is a widow.  She's also the grieving mother of two sons.   On June 22, 2008, a wild, crazed killer wiped out Mrs. Bologna's family as they returned home from a family picnic.  Tony, husband and father; Michael, 20 years, sone; Matthew, 16 years, son.  Murdered in cold blood for the sport of it.  Shot to death in a city with notoriously strict gun laws.  A family of four became a family of one. 

The murderer, Edwin Ramos, is an illegal alien living in San Francisco at the personal invitation and under the protection of Mayor Gavin Newsome.  From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ramos, a native of El Salvador whom prosecutors say is a member of a violent street gang, was found guilty of two felonies as a juvenile - a gang-related assault on a Muni passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman - according to authorities familiar with his background.

In neither instance did officials with the city's Juvenile Probation Department alert federal immigration authorities, because it was the city agency's policy not to

consider immigration status when deciding how to deal with an offender.

Since the murders and arrest of Ramos, Newsome continues to defend the policy, protecting and inviting more illegal alien murders into the United States and into San Francisco.  Newsome never offered an apology to Mrs. Bologna.  He refuses to consider complying with federal law.  He did not attend the funerals, send flowers, or grieve.  Instead, he partied in Montana.

Gavin Newsome is the proximate cause of the Bologna murders, just as Charles Manson was the proximate cause of the Tate and LaBianca murders.  Only a temporary judicial anomaly spared Manson the electric chair.  Nothing but a quick trial should stand between Gavin Newsome and the needle. 

Gavin Newsome deserves to die, along with every official who supported and complied with Newsome's deadly immigration policy. 

But how whacked are San Francisco and California?  Newsome, the modern day Charles Manson, might just be the state's next governor

You liberals wanted sanctuary cities.  We conservatives told you they would destroy us.  We were right, as always. 

Marine Jose Luis Nazario NOT GUILTY!

The Marine who was charged in civilian court with murder for doing his job on terrorists in Iraq was found NOT GUILTY (h/t wizbang) by a jury of his peers. Congratulations to Jose Luis Nazario!  Thank you, Marine, for you proud and noble service to me, my family, and our country.  Thank you, jurors, for rejected the sick arguments of that jack-booted thug federal prosecutor. 

May this serve as a warning to anti-military prosecutors.  The jury system prevails.

More from Black Five

**UPDATE** More news on the trial available. From FoxNews:

One of the jurors, Ingrid Wicken, hugged Nazario's sobbing mother, Sandra Montanez, without speaking after the verdict was read. "I watched her all week. She was being tortured every day," Wicken said later.

Wicken said the panel acquitted Nazario because there was not enough evidence against him.

"I think you don't know what goes on in combat until you are in combat," she said.

Comrade Obama's Thugs Go After Kurtz

Barack Obama's assault on freedom of speech and of the press continued today as his minions attacke WGN radio in attempt to squelch journalist Stanley Kurtz.  Kurtz is investigating Obama's long and deep ties to terrorist William Ayers.  Obama laundered money through a non-profit education foundation into Ayers' numerous corrupt organizations during the 1990s.  When news broke of Obama's connection to the convicted terrorist, Obama responded by attempting to incarcerate anyone investigating the connection.

If Obama wins, expect conservative talk show hosts, television commentators, writers, and bloggers to face federal criminal charges.  This communist doesn't mess around.  

If this no good, son-of-a-bitch wins, the 2nd Amendment may be the only way to get our country back.

*UPDATE* National Review Online editors agree that Barack's behavior vis-a-vis the Ayers story portends of the totalitarian regime he plans to bring to America if elected.

Obama's Ties to Terrorism Tighten

According to Stanley Kurtz, one of a handful of reports allowed to see the Ayers Papers at University of Illinois, Chicago, "Our worst fears were confirmed."   Radical terrorist William Ayers, founder of the Weathermen and the Woods Fund of Chicago, appointed Obama as one of three directors of the "education" project in 1995.  In exchange for the appointment and the right use it as street cred in his first political campaign, Obama voted to siphon funds intended for public school education programs into Ayers's radical political organizations.

In the end, the Woods Fund of Chicago was an abject failure.  Education in Chicago's schools got worse, not better.  Obama won his Illinois Senate race and went on to become his party's nominee for president.  Ayers remains at large.

Tuesday's Top News

The University of Illinois releases the Obama-Ayers papers tomorrow. Don't expect the MSM to mention it--unless it's good news for Obama. Meanwhile, Obama has asked the Department of Justice to block ads that link the Illinois Senator to domestic terrorist William Ayers. Pathetic.

Obama’s campaign has written the Department of Justice demanding a criminal investigation of the “American Issues Project,” the vehicle through which Dallas investor Harold Simmons is financing the advertisements. The Obama campaign — and tens of thousands of supporters — also is pressuring television networks and affiliates to reject the ads. The effort has met with some success: CNN and Fox News are not airing the attacks.

But MarketWatch reports that a counter-ad by Obama is misleading and fails to address the issues raised in Simmons's ad.

The Obama campaign has launched a new ad that fails to dispute a single fact in the American Issues Project's initial ad questioning Barack Obama's relationship with admitted domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

We shall see. I'll report on the Obama-Ayers Papers if the MSM won't.

Throwing It Away

Roger Kreutz dashed to right a wrong. A tiny wrong, by modern standards, but a wrong nonetheless. "Dammit," Roger might have thought, "you can't even enjoy a quiet cup of coffee anymore." Then he sprang into action. Aaron Poisson has a girlfriend and a car. And he's out of high school. That's a liberating combination to a young man. The boundaries of his youth--walls to many young men aching to break the chains of childhood--are far behind him. Atlanta's no longer big enough for Aaron, so he grabbed his honey and headed West, to Cincinnati and St. Louis. One hundred thirty years ago, Aaron would have been a pioneer. Today, he's more of a drifter.

Gary Poisson described his son's stunt as "a silly, sophomoric misdemeanor gone horribly, tragically wrong."  It was "poor judgement" and "stupidity" and "petty theft.  It was wrong."  But Aaron, nineteen, and his girlfriend, 21, are not malicious.  He was in St. Louis to visit St. Louis University and Washington University with the possibility of attending one or the other in the fall.  Gary says his son is a good kid who, since meeting his present girlfriend, has shown a propensity for doing stupid, impulsive things, like reaching into tip jars.

On March 4, 2008, Gary's son walked into a Starbuck's in St. Louis County. Aaron's girlfriend bought a drink. Aaron waited until she'd secured the beverage, then reached into the tip jar, extracted five dollars and twenty cents, then fled the store.

Roger was the kind of guy who should have been near Ground Zero on September 11.  He would have rushed into the burning Towers to save lives and, maybe, smash a few terrorists heads had they somehow survived the impact. Roger might have been in the First Lady's booth at a State of the Union Address for some act of selfless heroics.  If only his selfless act of heroism had involved some larger crime or tragedy.

How Roger learned that Aaron had stolen the contents of the tip jar is unknown. At least, it's not discernible from the security tape that shows Aaron stealing the money. But Roger knew there was a wrong to be righted, and, since no one else was stepping up, Roger would.

Aaron and his gal were in their car. Roger was on foot. Aaron backed up to get out of there. Roger went down. The car backed over Roger then took off.  In fewer than 24 hours, Roger died from the injuries sustained in Aaron's getaway.

Aaron's petty crime became a string of felonies in less than one minute.  Roger's compulsion to make things right left him dead.

Gary Poisson understands the long-term consequences of impulsive acts.  One stupid decision can lead remarkably tragic consequences.  An act of childish thievery too small to make the crime section of the Suburban Journal winds up on NBC News because of the lethal coming-together of a teenage boy, a girl, a car, and a hero.

Aaron Poisson faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident, and misdemeanor larceny.  His girlfriend was not charged, apparently, because she's not a man.  Gary Poisson's funeral is Monday, March 10.   Righteous bloggers and talk-show callers want Aaron hanged.

I want God to rewind the tape a week in hopes that, upon further review, someone--anyone--did something just a little bit differently.

Listen to the interview with Gary Poisson on


Liberalism = Terrorism

Now that we're winning the war, the left is ratcheting up its anti-military hatemongering--all the way to terrorism.  If the Congressmen who received the letters knew what was coming, they should taken out and shot, along the perp who did it.   Today, leftist terrorists bombed a U. S. Armed Forces recruitment center in New York.  This domestic terrorism should be met with lethal force. 

California Senator Diane Fienstein, in an e-mail, reported that members of the House of Representatives received letters with a photo of the perp and a copy of his political manifesto.  (Great reading, I'm sure.)

The left will blame Bush and the Republicans, since liberals are incapable of commiting crimes. 

The left is downplaying the attack, as seen in the NYTimes' minimalist headline.  The NYT story attempts to link the bombing two other incidents involving foreign embassies.  On the right, pundits seem subdued.  Michelle Malkin and even Black Five took it in stride. I guess we're getting used to being abused and terrorized by liberals in America.  Gateway Pundit is more worked up, as am I. 

The 10 letters that were mailed in advance of the bombing were addressed to Democrats.  Why?  What did these 10 New York Democrats know, and when did they know it?  Why did Diane Feinstein know abou the letters so early, maybe even before the police?

Ed Morrissey, too, wonders why the letters went to Democrats who are on the bomber's side?  He also notes them Michelle Malkin reports more Congressmen may have received the letters.