Least Restrictive Environment

Do you offer your employers, business partners,and, most importantly, your customers the Least Restrictive Environment possible? In education, services offered to kids with special needs must be offered in the least restrictive environment. In other words, you can't send a kid with Type I diabetes to some special medical school because she needs to test her blood glucose levels at lunchtime. Nor can you lock the kids with mild attention problems into a special cell. Some businesses, however, default to the most restrictive environment.

A loyalty program with arcane blackout dates, numerous ways to lose your balance, bizarre point/dollar shifts designed to reduce the value of points are just a small sample of the restrictions we put in the way of customers.

Brands also restrict customers by hamstringing employees and partners. The customer service rep who must get approval to adjust an angry or confused customer's balance by a few points restricts the customer.

The overly cautious interpretation of rules prevents customers from buying and guarantees lousy comments on Yelp.