5 Signs of Abundance

Scarcity sells. Scarcity is fear--the fear of loss, on the mild end, to the fear of death, on the extreme.

Mahonia Golden Abundance


Modern society promotes the idea of scarcity in all things. Businesses stress scarcity—scarce jobs, scarce resources, scarce opportunities, scarce money.

I say “nonsense.”

The guy who sells you scarcity sells lies.

Life is abundant.  The universe knows only abundance.  Only stupid humans can look around and see scarcity. Only governments and the UN would stoop so low as to create scarcity for political purposes.

The idea of scarcity draws out the worst in people. Fearing shortages and limitations, we stockpile, we steal, we deny, we cheat, we hoard, we lie.  Scarcity inspires wars of conquest and the building of empires.

Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach, reminds us today of a beautiful Jewish holiday celebrated today and tomorrow.  Shavuot 2011 runs June 7 through June 9.  In Bloom’s words:

It is Shavuot, the festival that celebrates the first fruits and the revelation of the Torah (the five books of the Old Testament).

It’s like we are granted the most unbelievable abundance and then given guidance as to how to live it!

I had not planned to write about gratitude and abundance, but I realize that it is not just about awareness.  It is a practice on a daily basis that is so relevant to my business as well as my personal life.

For Christians, the Feast of the Pentecost occurred on Shavuot.  I read last night that the two holidays—Pentecost and Shavuot—are unrelated.  I don’t buy it.

At Pentecost, the Apostles gathered to celebrate Shavuot but in great fear after Christ’s Ascension. The Holy Spirit came to them in the physical form of tongues of fire. The Apostles received an abundance of graces, including the gift a being understood by speakers of any language.

As our economy heads back toward the doldrums, it’s easy to believe that only economic abundance counts. But we’d be wrong. Economic abundance is a side effect of living a life of authentic abundance.

To help, here are 5 signs of abundance we can all see every day:

1. Love abounds.  I get a coffee at the McDonald’s drive-through every day. Two of the drive-through operators who began working there about a year ago were never too friendly. A man at the first window, a woman at the second, scowled and barked orders.  Instead of returning their hostility, I decided to smile and treat them with tremendous respect.

Today I noticed how their attitudes have changed.  Big smiles, a friendly, “How are you today? We missed you last week,” from the woman.  I figure that they were scared when they started a year ago. I hope my smiles helped them learn to enjoy their jobs knowing at least one customer wouldn’t bite their heads off for a small mistake.  This is love, in its simplest form. It’s free, and it knows no bounds.

2.  Gratitude abounds.  Lisa Bloom writes about the power of gratitude.

When you are truly thankful, appreciate what you have and when you believe that we live in an abundant universe;

-          you are a positive and powerful force in the world

-          you attract more of the same

-          you are happy

-          you are fulfilled

-          you are at peace

-          your ideal clients will find you

-          your business will thrive

Saying “thank you” costs nothing. And you can never run out.

3.  Beauty abounds.  Yes, it’s 97 degrees in St. Louis, and our air conditioner is out. But so are the blooms and the green leaves and the turtle that our Yorkie-Poo talks to. We are lucky enough to have a swimming pool that cools us in beautiful water amid towering oaks and walnuts.  No matter where you are, nature abounds, even in the cracks of the sidewalk.  Life emerges from odd places, which is beauty itself. If you think there is no beauty around you, look into a child’s eye.  Look long and hard. You will find beauty. And you’ll never run out.

4. Happiness abounds.  If you’re looking for happiness, you’ll never find it. It’s already in you. Release it by smiling or laughing. You don’t need a reason. Happiness, once released, infects others and bounces back at you. If you choose happiness, your happiness will only increase. If you demand others give you happiness, you’ve started on the deadly road to scarcity.  There’s no limit to happiness once you’ve unleashed it.

5. Prosperity abounds.  In America, the number one health problem facing the poor is not starvation, but obesity.  Only a remarkably prosperous civilization could face such a challenge.  Think of all you have without contrasting it against the wealthiest person in the world.  Turn off the television, because it skews reality.  (Television programs—all of them—are designed to make you buy more, not to appreciate what you have.)  Instead, compare what you have to what you truly need.  Chances are, if you’re missing anything, you’re missing things that can’t be bought—like love, gratitude, happiness, and beauty. Appreciating what you have will only bring more of it. And there’s no limit on appreciation.