Having Trouble with Flash Player on Ubuntu 64-bit?

As I wrote earlier, I'm building a cool application using Twilio, the best solution for voice and text app development on the market. 

But there's a problem.

I prefer developing in Ubuntu for reasons only a developer who loves hyper-rapid releases can understand.  Twilio provides a fantastic testing tool right on my dashboard page at www.twilio.com.

This testing tool is a Flash object that calls my Twilio number, allowing me to experience what my users will experience.

The problem is that the Settings object for Flash Player 64-bit is unclickable in Ubuntu 11.10. The little bugger wouldn't let me Allow access to my microphone, which is pretty important for voice phone app.

The good news:  I found a workaround. 

I posted this workaround on Twilio's forum. Rob, a Twilio Developer Evangelist, suggested I blog it, too.  Apparently, I'm not the only person having trouble with the 64-bit Flash Player.  

The Workaround

  • First, try to use the client at twilio. Flash Player Settings dialog will open, but it's not clickable. (You must visit the Twilio site first to get the URL into Flash Player's cache.)
  • Next, go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/doc...
  • Click on the Website Privacy Settings tab (3rd from right in Global Privacy Settings panel)
  • look for the URL to your twilio dashboard. It begins with GUID, so pay attention to the far right-hand side of the URL column. You'll be able to see only the first few chaacters of .twilio. (There may be more than one entry in the list--repeat this process for each of them.)
  • Click on the twilio url.
  • Select Alway Allow from the radio group above
  • Restart Firefox (or Chrome)
  • Celebrate your remarkable achievement!!!!

Here's a screen shot of the Adobe dialog just in case my narrative is unclear.

Finally, many thanks to Devin and Rob at Twilio. They jumped on my forum post immediately and stuck with me to the end.