3 Sites You've Got to Read

Sometimes life just serves up some great discovers.  Photo by J. Gardner

I'm searching for some ideas for a project. I need to find out patterns in ecommerce. Instead, I'm finding some really great blogs and sites that I've never seen before. Or maybe I've seen but didn't note. 

Feeling particularly generous, I submit the 3 best new finds in the web:

99 Percent:  This blog validates all of my prejudices.  What drew me here was this amazing story about streamlining desision-making.  I will explore much, much more in this rich site over the weekend.

Co.Design: Okay, I lied. Co.Design has been in my Google reader for months after it provided an idea for a web design. But I hadn't really gone back unti today.  Wow. This one sentence in one story makes the whole site worth bookmarking:

To me, and a handful of practical purists, design was meant to serve people and make life easier, not just better looking.

Corbett Barr:  This dude went stand-up about the same time I did. Plus he took the time to blog about. One quick look at his blog, and I knew I'd be back.  

Now you have a weekend's worth of new blogs to check out. And if you write your own list of newly discovered websites, I hope you'll include SimpleStrategies.me.