Bad Grammar Doesn't Make You Sound Smart

"Can you set up a meeting for you and I?" 

That sentence should make your skin crawl. It's wrong. It's glaringly wrong. And almost everybody with a college degree makes it. I hear that mistake every day. 

People with less education don't make that mistake. They sometimes make its opposite. "You and me can go to that meeting." 

When people make the second mistake, some people call them ignorant. But when people make the first mistake, I think pretentious . And ignorant

It's easy to excuse the less educated person for using "me" when "I" is appropriate. It's much harder to forgive the overuse of the "I." 

To help people sound smart and unpretentious, here's a little trick. Say the same sentence, dropping the "you and."

Would you say "Can you set up a meeting for I?" 

No. No you wouldn't. 

Would you say "Me can go that meeting?" 

Maybe. If you're three. 

Practice this at home. Whenever you use a compound subject or object, mentally say it as a simple subject (the person doing the action) or object (the person the action is done to). If the correct object turns out to be "you and me," say it that way. No one worth impressing will think less of you.